Abolitionism and Harriet Tubman; MLK, Jr. And The Civil Rights Movement; Pres. Obama …

It’s Friday again …  How are you holding up??  I mean, it looks shaky worldwide, so see if we can muster up a TGIF!!  Cool, thanks!

Have you noticed how many folks get all wound up over a conversation?  Is it because they might be wrong?  Or are “they” just looking for an argument?  It’s hard to tell sometimes.  Nobody wants to appear fallible or simply wrong.  So, they spin this incredible story that has nothing to do with what the initial topic was.  Now, don’t get me wrong … I lose track of what I’m saying sometimes, too.  But I don’t make up a story trying to defend the indefensible … and then blame “something” … “anything” … on YOU!!  That’s not cool and I prefer not to be around it … or you, if that’s how you converse!

Then, some “toxic” folk a la “Marjorie Taylor Greene” decide that now is the time for “red” states to “separate” themselves from “blue” states!!  Didn’t this person study OR learn anything about the Civil War?!?  And now, people like Ron DeSantis think it’s HIS job to set the curriculum in his state!!!  Can you repeat after me:  “This is authoritarianism in a democratic republic!!”  Now HERE is where the less informed get lost and pulled “down” various rabbit holes while simultaneously advocating “anti-woke” nonsense (dog whistle for anti-POC!) which will guarantee that that folk remains “sleep” or “not woke”!!

If anyone with half a brain and half of a heart can’t see that the States doesn’t need Civil War II … especially while China and Russia are solidifying their relationship … then we definitely have some problems in Congress.  Over the years of #45, we could see the divisions in the attitudes of “my fellow Americans”.  You see, as a social activist I can see and have experienced how the American Dream can become a nightmare for POC (people of color).  Is this a “white” vs. “black” issue … or a “red” vs. “blue” issue?!?!?  Haven’t we “adults” graduated from dividing ourselves first of all … let alone based on two colors?!?  Wait … WHAT?!?  If Rep. Greene knew what Harriet Tubman who conducted the “Underground Railroad” with the help of Quakers (white-skinned people) experienced, she might be able to make an educated guess regarding her position!  But no … she can’t!!  She would rather sow hatred, DISCOMFORT for others, and discontent in this country.  It’s not like we don’t have enough problems in “the stolen land that became populated and controlled by capitalist bullies and racists”!  There are “white” men and women who can see the truth and see through the mirage being fabricated right before our very eyes!!  Can’t you SEE?  Or are you falling back to sleep!?

The Civil Rights Movement quickly developed under the hard work of regular people like Rosa Parks as well as extraordinary people like Martin Luther King, Jr.  And yes, the Black Churches (Baptist, Protestant, AME – African Methodist Episcopal, etc.) paved the way for a place where African Americans could feel safe and organize the foundations of the ever-growing Civil Rights Movement.  Do most Americans know what “civil rights” are?!?  Not if you didn’t recognize, study, or understand why there were so many marches being held by those “woke” people of ALL races … or colors, if that helps one’s understanding of things!!  That’s why the “system” leaders were so alarmed when hundreds of thousands of “woke” people showed up to hear a real leader speak to unite Americans at the Washington Monument!!  It was also a speech that emphasized the need for jobs and Freedom for African American citizens!!  This is why so many republican leaders don’t want “people who are awake” in positions of leadership and definitely not as followers!!

Needless to say, with the momentum created by Dr. King and his philosophy of “non-violent passive resistance” which came into full bloom on the Edmund Pettus Bridge as the “woke” protestors tried to wake up the WORLD to see on international television, some changes occurred in the USA.  The barbarism of the police and the unity of African Americans and others as they sought their civil rights in a country that they helped to build was on full display!!  You see “we” are the American Experiment in Democracy!!  Don’t take things personally and out of context!  And please don’t “use” the “it makes me uncomfortable” to talk about race excuse!  Did you see the discomfort experienced by African Americans since Trayvon Martin was murdered by a self-proclaimed security person?  How about the “discomfort” experienced by George Floyd??  And I could go on and on!!  It’s ridiculous how “Black men and boys” have been gunned down by police in the States … but now “YOU” feel uncomfortable just talking about it!  What do you think an African American citizen feels each time a racial slur, racist joke(s), and gerrymandering takes place in “our” midsts?

After Pres. Barack Obama demonstrated the abilities of an African American man not only to win two consecutive terms in office but to attempt to guard those hard-fought and earned civil rights for African Americans, in came #45 to turn the clocks back in time!  This character talked racist crap from the biggest bully pulpit in the world!!  And believe me, #45 twisted truths, and spouted racist and sexist philosophies (grab ’em by the p***y) in such a disgraceful manner that some people even tried to “blame the victims”!!  Leaders are supposed to lead with dignity and respect in a democratic republic!  How do we get that back?!?  The whole world is watching!!

In closing, I hope that I didn’t offend anyone because I knew you weren’t trying to kill African Americans on that bridge in Alabama, we know it wasn’t you who murdered George Floyd in plain sight and on video.  But we do need all of us to talk about how “we” can make things better together … while we still have a chance.  Thanks for joining me in my attempts to elucidate the importance of learning “Black History”!  It has been and will be a part of American History forever!  Let’s get it right!


John I. Cook, Director

Thank you for reading!!

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