Remember the Children . . .

Happy Friday, Y’all!!  And may I be one of the first to wish you such a thing!!  TGIF, even!!  Thanks for your support here!!

It’s interesting how people interpret things one might say regarding sensitive subjects … like racism!!  It’s like they demonstrate in many “self-help” programs:  “You can’t get over this addiction until you admit you have this PROBLEM!”  Been there, done that … got the T-shirt and buried it!  I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again:  “To me, racism is a mental illness!”  You know how in several instances when someone does something crazy like at Sandy Hook Elementary School, or … in Buffalo at that supermarket, it turns out that culprit had “mental issues”?!?  Well, both have been found guilty!  Since the latest incident that occurred at Michigan State University in Lansing, mass shootings continue to be on the rise in “the land of the free, home of the brave”!!  You see, “we” Americans messed up!  I know some of the RICH white men are enjoying the dream they’ve created.  But the rest of us are responsible for getting our interpersonal behaviors in order!!  The rest of “us” are fighting each other based on race, religion, or economic position!  This “democratic capitalism” is in trouble!  Sure, the “system” is working … money is “king” and the rich are getting richer!!  Are YOU?!?  We humans almost hate each other, especially those who get manipulated into thinking that their fellow human being is “out to get them”!!

Some people try to justify the murder of innocent children who were PLAYING inside The 16th Street Baptist Church on September 15th,1963 in Birmingham, Alabama.  It has been confirmed that the bombing was done by “white supremacists”!  (I have one associate who tells me that violence against African Americans will continue as long as I write about it!!  Don’t make me say it!!)  Recently, there has been a rise in “anti-Semitic” hate crimes.  Any excuses for that?!?  It seems that some people have lost regard for being civilized as plans have been uncovered regarding domestic terrorists who want to damage the electrical grids of critical locations tied to the proper functioning of “America”!!  WT@!!  It took forty-something years to even charge the self-proclaimed Klansmen and white supremacists with the crime of bombing that church!  One of the men had died before being charged …  Yet, I guess … I shouldn’t talk about it!!  RIGHT!!  Ignorance is bliss!

Well, once again the States prepares for another weekend!  Let’s see if the number of mass shootings goes up.  Right now in February, the total number of mass shootings is 71 …  Oh. and let’s not forget how many unarmed African American citizens have been killed by police.  Add one more with the killing of an African American man by the Shreveport, LA police a couple of weeks ago!!  After the officer realized that the unarmed man was dying in his arms in front of his face, even he began to scream: “Hey!  Breathe!  Come on man … Breathe!”  I guess this “associate” of mine would blame ME for that, too!  Admit it!!  There IS hard-core racism built into “the American Experiment”!  It was there a long time ago!  Quit making ignorant excuses!

Do you have children?  Maybe you have grandchildren?  Would you like to see them blown to pieces while playing together in church?  Or, don’t you care anymore?!?  Maybe you’d like to see them murdered in school, the university, or just walking in the local mall!

I remember the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. …  My parents had a small painting of him over the collapsible dining room table!  While my parents raised us to believe in non-violence, they reminded me of the FACT that there may be others who want to end MY life … because of the color of my skin!!  How ignorant!!

In closing, remember the children … they haven’t done anything to anybody!!  Give them a fair chance at a decent life, too!  And please don’t corrupt them with hatred, stupidity, and low self-esteem!  “We’re better than that!”


John I. Cook, Director

ps. – Thank you for reading!!

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