Blaming the Victim (Continued …)

Happy Friday … again … from where I sit!!  And you folks … how’re you holding up?  I’m still grateful … for everything!  So, I’m going to give up a TGIF for us!  Yep!  Done!

First of all, I wanted to mention that I am not trying to harm anyone in any way. There are many things that I’m good at like social science, I am good at making arguments against racism aka I am an anti-racist, a learning facilitator (teacher) for various subjects I have taught, a social activist, and a citizen of the universe.  These whole country boundaries or separations have led to the decay of shared values that formerly united humans.    Yet, I want to state firmly that I don’t take on other people’s spiritual work that they need to do themselves, not ME!  I don’t want to get any “disease” from my interaction with other people.  I mean, sure, I could react and overreact again and again and come up with some nasty words and behavior!  But, that’s NOT one of my goals in my life right now!!  That’s what I mean when I write: “Don’t make me say it!!”  LoL!!  That’s negative energy and such behavior requires a lack of decorum!!  I have learned from experience that this behavior depletes one’s positive approach to life AND drains the “victim’s” positive energy.

Who is the constant “victim” in race-related challenges in the USA?  People of color, women, Asian and Jewish people, and others outside the norm of the status quo.  It was just yesterday that someone sent me a video from the news that showed many Americans (white ones, too) want to retire OUTSIDE of the country!!!  What does that say about the good ole USA?!?  From where I sit, it looks like the so-called leaders in the government have decided to go “Rambo”!  Not just one member … but so many congressional representatives seem to want to be famous for as many minutes as they can while yelling at a “State of the Union” address that the President himself is a “liar”!  Now, this statement comes from a person who has pushed ridiculous conspiracy theories and “says” that #45 won the election … which is clearly a lie!  I don’t know if it is happening in your circle(s) of friends and associates but EVERYBODY wants to LIE!!  With so-called “political leaders” showcasing their ability to fabricate multiple lies and show little to no respect for the polity and positions of authority – like the president, American citizens are more and more confused, especially those with hatred in their hearts!  It’s already been established that there are so-called “survivalists” who have stockpiled not only food but WEAPONS!  Can you even utter “Civil War II”?!?

So rather than stand around engaging in “small talk” about less important things I choose to take those stands … like the aforementioned ones!!  I can’t just sit here and watch the modern “Rome” implode!  As far as I see it, negative energy (attacks on Native Inhabitants and the land) will ultimately produce attacks on “each other”!!  Can you see it yet?  The stuff is getting crazy!  So crazy that some “Americans” don’t want to live in America … once called “the land of the free, home (OMG) of the brave”!  You see, if something starts out as a lie, it will probably finish in an even bigger lie!  #MarjorieTaylorGreene  I know it seems that the status quo or “white men” is/are being attacked!  But please don’t forget who attacked who FIRST!!  No one, especially me, is blaming “white men”.  Yet, the system that was put into place at the beginning of “the American Experiment” was done so by and for “white men”.  Don’t take it personally, PLEASE!  But the universe is demanding changes … or else!  I speculate with my limited science background that Putin’s bombing of Ukraine is aiding the development of things like earthquakes …  Hmppfff!  Don’t be surprised!  So who is going to “lead” humans out of this eternal quagmire?!?  It ain’t going to be easy …  But SOMEBODY has got to do it … or ELSE!


John I. Cook, Director

Thank you for reading!

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