From Where I Sit . . .

If I’ve told you once, I’ve told you twice …  T.G.I.F.!  Join me if you know what I mean!!   TGIF!  Yep!!

I’m one of those people who if I come across a GOOD secret, perhaps about myself, I share it!  The regular readers of this blog know what I often say: “I know I make it look (or sound) easy, but it’s NOT!”  Trust me on this one, too!  Yet, I must admit that  I share my “journey” with readers because miracles DO occur!  Sometimes they occur over and over!!  But, one HAS to pay attention!!  It’s been happening with me, so, TGIF to see if grace can find you, too!!  So be it!!

As things continue to happen for me, I’ve noticed a pattern.  If I keep my “head to the sky” and “practice what I preach”, great things continue to happen.  On December 25th this month, it will make 5 years that I have been living in Puerto Viejo, Talamanca, Cahuita, Limon … Costa Rica!  I’ve looked back a few times and definitely didn’t like what I saw Stateside.  So, after a few rude awakenings, I decided to focus on making a base here for now …  My Creator continues to look after me and guide me through situations so that the real me shows up!  Just Monday passed, I was on my way to facilitate a class of conversational English with a retired couple whom I had met at the gym where I work out.  I have also been working with a local restaurant owner, Ms. Lydia, who speaks English and Spanish but wants to improve her written English.  She and I are going on our second day listening to and writing lyrics for one of the songs she likes to sing at church.  So, this past Monday on my way to the class site, I came across one of my old landlords (property manager) who used to poke fun at me when I lived in a wall-less one-bedroom, which was enclosed and was well-equipped with a kitchen.  He appeared to be a homosexual and was trying to take advantage of my situation.  I was walking with a cane at that time but had begun to take classes with a guy who was helping me to regain some strength in my lower back, hips, and legs.  I recall one day as I was sanding the cane that I had bought in Valencia, Spain while I searched parts of Western Europe to retire.  I had also mentioned to him that I was getting some work done on my teeth.  As I was sandpapering the cane, he ran up to the entrance and said, “Are you brushing your teeth?!?”.  He then chuckled incessantly as he looked to see what impact the comment had on me.  I looked up for a moment as if I saw a “stupid disrespectful child” and continued my sanding.  That was just one of the many times that he clearly displayed disrespect toward me and thought at that time that he could because I couldn’t do (or say) anything to retaliate.  You see, he wanted me to follow him into his “rabbit hole” and begin to appear “hurt”.  That didn’t happen so he walked away chuckling to himself as he proudly approached a few day workers that he had hired to rake the leaves on the property.  I couldn’t figure out how or if I could retaliate …  I didn’t appreciate this “punk’s” attitude toward an “older gentleman” nor did I appreciate his constant peering over the hip-height wall that separated my living area from the walkway.  Some of you readers may remember that I left that rental on “bad terms” after he and I had argued about my security deposit since I refused to invite him to the viewing of the Super Bowl game on the tv which I purchased.   I left one month early because I didn’t want to feel like a hostage while I was paying this moron $500 a month as he took every opportunity to make me feel uncomfortable.  He refused to give me the deposit back after I had packed up and left early.  He had spent the deposit money and was looking for his next “victim” of a tenant!

So, when I saw him and his make-believe “girlfriend”/partner in crime pass by me riding bikes together on the street after 15 months had passed with this fool still owing me $500, I decided to make him feel uncomfortable.  I did a U-turn as my anger started to bubble up inside.  When they noticed me make a U-turn and begin to follow them, they tried to escape into the street and go around me.  There was a long, banged-up tractor-trailer sitting in the street where they tried to escape.  The truck stopped and I closed in saying to myself, “This is how you do it!”  I had blocked them both into a doorway of a popular local supermarket!  As I approached him, his partner in crime rolled her bicycle between him and me.  I picked up the bicycle with one hand and moved it aside as I moved closer to his face!  He was terrified as he remembered all of the times that he had been rude and disrespectful to me and brought his dogs into my tiny unit whenever I had invited him inside!  Finally, I stopped inviting him!!  What a nasty monster he had become when I rejected his advances!  I yelled even louder saying that he owed me $500!!  He said, “Ask the owner!”  He had forgotten that he had told me that his father who was supposed to be a famous singer had died and left him some fictitious amount of money so he could purchase the land in Costa Rica. Realizing that he was afraid as he told people to call the police, I smiled briefly before walking away.  My Creator looked out for me, and helped me control my temper as I wanted to show this fool that I could catch and corner him whenever I wanted!!!  There was no violence other than my intermittent yells for him to give me the $500 deposit.  I continued on to facilitate my class and was able to calm down and be a professional again!

“Life is beautiful!” is one of my mantras nowadays and also sits on a plaque on the bedroom wall right above my head in the new little house that I was able to rent, thanks to an incredible agent aka property manager.  “Mery” has been incredible from the first time we exchanged messages in a section of Facebook called “Long Term Rentals”.  I felt so comfortable with her work as she showed me a couple of places that were available to rent for the long term and provided me with availability dates.  I explained that this is what I was looking for as I complete my application for residency and wait for “Migracion’s” response.  I’m actually sitting in the cozy living room now as the rain started to fall this morning!  If I told you that THIS is what I have been looking for to live out this phase of my retirement, you might not believe me.  But trust me on this … it doesn’t get any better than this for me after spending five years and a few months on the roads in Western Europe and now in Central America!!  I think that I found my spot.  Er … uh … my Creator has guided me to a very cool and “doable” rental home!  That’s all I need for now … from where I sit!!

Follow the positive vibrations.  Pay attention to ALL positive vibrations, choose wisely and let your Creator be your guide!


John I. Cook, Director

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