Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover!

Happy Friday again, Y’all!  If I told you that I wasn’t grateful, something really BAD may happen to me!!  I don’t want that!  I’ve got too many simple blessings so TGIF with me … if you really feel it!!  Positive Vibration type thing!! Thanks!!!

How many times have we heard or seen this anecdote play out: “Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover”?!?  Huhhh?!  Be HONEST … with yourself … if possible!!  Okay, how many times have “we” JUDGED a book by its cover … even though we’ve heard this anecdote a million times?!?  … AND how many times have we SEEN it to be proven true?!?  In other words, we incorrectly judged someone or something because we had prejudged them or it!!  I know … I know it’s hard to accept the FACT that we were wrong about someone or something.  Yet, don’t hold onto that “fake pride”!  It makes one look stupid … especially when it is clear that one was wrong!  That’s when mofos start that “alternate reality” nonsense!!  B*TCH, please!!  Remember, I say things that people are actually afraid to say … let alone SEE!  So, if you’re offended like I’ve been a million times in my life, stop reading.  If you want to open your mind … again … like the “youth” do … read on!  Right On!!

This kind of stuff has happened to me … still sometimes.  I’m usually trying to be cool and then someone comes up to me with some “alternate reality” nonsense about who THEY think I am … just by looking at me!  It’s the kind of thing that makes me go, “Hmmm …”  Then I realize that the moron(s) judged me … by my appearance!!  We ALL know what that means, right?!?  You see, I don’t NEED to make stuff up about who I am or where I am from!!  What you see … if you see clearly … is what you get.

The United States Congress finally has the “Fake Millionaire’s” tax records for several years now, thanks to the court!  What has he been hiding?!?  Hmmmm?!?  So many “Americans” thought they were supporting “the most honest man in the world” … that’s what HE said … who was fighting for the average, non-Ivy League citizens of America to make it great again …?!? Really!!? WHO believes THAT?!?  Get “help” if you do!  Now, we will ALL know what “His Fakeness” was hiding.  Then we can connect the dots, follow the money, and find out WHY he was hiding it!  Then … LOCK HIM UP!

Everyone was initially surprised that the “Royal Family’s Highest Servant” resigned over her incessant and racist questions to a guest at a “Royal Function” … She happened to be brown …  maybe of African descent even!??  The woman was an executive representative of a charitable organization that was invited to the event to share their views on violence against women in general as well as strategies for averting such violence in England.  Ngozi Fulani said that Ms. Hussey, the honorable royal family’s high servant (?) walked straight over to her who was standing with two other dark-skinned women, and moved her braided hair to one side so that she could see her nameplate!  Imagine if the tables had been turned here what would have happened?  You know … a “black/brown” servant had touched the hair of an executive white guest!  Then, according to Ms. Fulani, Ms. Hussey (royal servant) began an intense interrogation as to “where she was from”.  After Ms. Fulani delicately answered “Britain” multiple times, Ms. Hussey could not wrap her head around the idea that this darker-skinned woman was actually British and born in England.  Has that ever happened to you?  It’s a bit uncomfortable for us, too.  It calls upon your level of class (not money, status, or skin color) to deal with ignorance, not lose your cool, and answer in your authentic voice!  The Duke and Dutchess of Sussex were booed by a small contingency as they attended an NBA game (Celtics v Heat) though most people applauded as the royal couple waved.  A touch of class, too!

How about that “Crypto Kid”?!?  Can you believe his story?!?  Well, a lot of people did and now they are out of most of their money and investment in FTX’s cryptocurrency and the young entrepreneur, Sam Baker.  Even people like Steph Curry and Tom Brady supported FTX’s cryptocurrency.  The Miami Heat even changed the American Airlines Arena’s name to FTX Arena!  And now Mr. Baker said he has gone from being worth up to 25 billion dollars down to $100,000.00 … on his credit card(s)!  Can you wobble your head in wondering how and why so many people jumped on the FTX financial program?  Could it be that Mr. Baker talked and looked good?!  What made him look good, just another seemingly young, brilliant white gent?!?  He had a great-looking cover!!

Understand that if one chooses to prejudge (be prejudiced) someone because of their skin color, it may not turn out the way one might want!  In fact, one is going to look stupid and have to “resign”, perhaps, or just get “told off” and educated!  Some folks are like Ms. Hussey … they just can’t accept the TRUTH!  So, if it’s you, cut the crap and grow up.  Base your intellect on human understanding and NOT just skin color.  I’ve been in a room of “people” where the “black/brown” people thought I was a nerd since I wore a jacket and tie while the white people thought that I was a thug! Personally, I love blowing a fool out of the water just for trying me like that!!  Don’t judge a book by its cover!!  “You’ll be sorry!” in my Bugs Bunny Voice!!  


John I. Cook, Director

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  1. Barry Stevens
    Dec 02, 2022 @ 16:52:32

    Recognizing the power of spiritual approaches to things can be a fun adventure! A book doesn’t have to be open to sense the vibes if you’re ready for that sort of thing.

    Liked by 1 person


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