No! NOT This Malarkey … AGAIN!!

Yeah, yeah, Y’all!  Happy Friday and a TGIF to each of the readers of this blog!!  Thank youse very kindly!

I know the whole world has heard that #45 is going to play his hand at fooling still more “dumb” Americans … to vote for him as the republican (Retrumplican) party candidate for president of a democracy formerly called The United States of America … hmmpfff!  I mean, how can ANYONE fix their brain to think that this modern-age monster can lead anything, not to mention a country?  If any former president had publicly stated and defended saying, “Just grab ’em and kiss ’em!  Grab ’em by the *****!  You’re (I’m) like a rockstar!”  … they wouldn’t be considered for anything except an in-depth mental health evaluation!!  It’s hideous just to listen to this moron speak!  And then “people” clap!!  WTF!!!  

This guy was advocating not only the destruction of one of the last if not strongest democratic nations today but with leadership, help, and direction of white supremacists!  And “anyone” wants him to ruin this nation again?!?  No … PLEASE don’t do this!!  I didn’t say “run” … I said RUIN!!  You might ask, “What is it that Americans want?” When answering this question, we MUST take into account the fact that “the American Experiment” involves multiple ethnic, religious, and “culturally diverse” groups of people!  As I listened to former President Barack Obama warn us, it became clear that democracy is being threatened worldwide!  He concluded, “If we don’t learn to live together, we’re going to destroy each other …”  Do you think that some people actually want us to destroy each other?!?

PLEASE, not the same malarkey from a creature who is facing multiple legal challenges?!? LOCK IT UP!!

Please try to find ways to get the country to function as a democracy.  The world is watching!


John I. Cook, Director

Thank you for reading …

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