THIS Is YOUR LIFE! #Notamovie

Happy Friday, again, Y’all!  Does anybody know how many more Fridays we’ve got left?!?  Okay, no pessimism!  TGIF!!  BAM!

“It’s like we’re heading for climate crisis hell!  And our foot is STILL on the accelerator!” stated Antonio Guterres, Secretary General of the United Nations.  Can WE hear him?!?  Can YOU hear him?  It’s like people are so caught up in their greed, competition, and horrifyingly toxic behavior (ie. Marjorie Taylor Green and company) that WE don’t even care about our own future, let alone our children, and grandchildren’s futures.  A few days ago, Mr. DeSantis, the governor of Florida stated after he had won a substantial victory, “There will be no room for “wokeness” in Florida.  Wokeness will die in Florida!” … or something to that effect.  Now, being an African American male born and raised in the USA, I don’t even want to visit a place where “being aware” aka “wokeness” is on the chopping block.  When I heard that, it became clear that this is the first of his political messages as he seeks the 2024 presidential nomination for the republican party.  In other words, civil rights are NOT something to be entertained too seriously in Florida.  And of course, if DeSantis has his way, the entire United States will be “sleeping” on his watch so that he can “do what he does”!  Many Americans walk around in a haze anyway because they don’t know the history of THEIR own country and are unable to determine if their rights are being taken away (ie., Roe vs Wade).

It is also clear that the entire world is in a state of upheaval!  As Mr. Guterres and his faith in the young people of the world with their desire to live in a habitable place are promising says, he will attempt to hold the “leaders” of the world accountable.  Now it seems that the less developed countries which are suffering the brunt of the effects of the climate crisis are asking for compensation!  That compensation is calculated in dollars and cents … MONEY!  So, we will be back where we started in this …. fighting over how much MONEY will heal the Planet when the clear solution is to STOP polluting it.  Yet, we ALL know that no amount of money can change people’s minds to save their own arses!  THAT’S the sad part!  Many of us have been spun dried so many times that we don’t even care if we get “wet” anymore!  And … THAT’S NOT FUNNY!  This is YOUR LIFE!

Sometimes in my deepest meditation(s), I almost wish that things would get so messed up on the Planet that we ALL take a fall into oblivion … with the leaders!!  I mean, if you were “God” or some other omnipresent being, wouldn’t YOU want to see an end to this “human drama” as we become so obsessed with something “manmade” like money rather something entirely different and superior to money … OUR PLANET!  I see people writing and speculating during elections to take “our country back” …  I’m like, these Mofos don’t even know that “our country” used to belong to some other people … Native Americans!  Yet, even though we KNOW this, our brains are too contaminated to UNDERSTAND this … hmmppff!  While I live out my retirement in a very humble yet satisfying manner, I do what I can to enlighten the “sleeping humans” who only hear and pay attention to political slogans that are hurled around like confetti by the so-called “world leaders”.  Have you thought about any of this yet?!?  I have a grandson, whom if he survives the world’s “malarkey”, might want to be able to live out HIS life, too!!  Do people even think about that anymore?  We are all caught up in our personal “dramas” that we don’t even have the time to “care” about our future … hmmppff!

In closing, see what YOU can do to pass on peace, love, harmony, and basic human decency and care for ourselves and our Planet …  It belongs to ALL of us!

Thanks for reading …


John I. Cook, Director

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