TRUTH Be Told!!

Happy Friday, Y’all!  I’m coming from all different places today as I continue to spread some love and hone my craft!  So, TGIF with me if you will!  I am sure you can find at least ONE good reason to be grateful today!  Just Do It!

Welp, this is a tough topic for me because I see people who I considered close to me suffer from an inability to identify, accept, and finally embrace the truth.  They would rather “live a lie” while continuing to spread more since this has become part of their personal “narrative” style.  Now, as humble as my Dad was, he didn’t deal with any lies let alone liars.  I could see as the youngest of four children that truth and excellence meant a lot to him.  He had been deprived of opportunities like mine, so …  As I’ve often said, he was and will always be my FIRST and “bestest” hero … you dig?!

By now, I’m sure that the readers realize that writing is not only therapeutic for me, but I also seek to heighten the readers’ awareness of how many of my experiences may be similar to “your” experiences.  If not now, perhaps one may find some solace in these messages in the future.  I have my anti-racist passion as I don my social scientist status among other titles such as learning manager, teacher, coach, “father”, and now grandpa … believe it or not!  A recent “project” of mine in my retirement had become to re-establish a relationship with my daughter and only child, and perhaps get familiar with her son.  That was the main reason I sent his mother a couple of hundred dollars to cover the cost of a passport for him.  This was my birthday present to him for his sixth birthday which was last October 19th.  In the week that he was with me and in the midst of a “fact-finding” session, I learned that his mother NEVER told him that I had sent the money for HIS passport as a birthday present!!  Who does that?!?  Then, in the next breath, THIS person calls me a “deadbeat dad”!!  I’m like WTF?!?  Y’all remember this?!?  “That smarts!”  I have sent my grandson shorts and shirts from Barcelona and Costa Rica over the past three years!!  You see, for me, it was okay that we spent a week together … 24 hours of EACH day just me and him!!  But TRY to tell the TRUTH.  He was “having a blast”, to use his OWN mother’s first comments when I sent her the video of him in the pool here at Bambutel.  Now, I know what happened after that … enter her mom … the woman who changed “our” daughter’s last name from “Cook” to “Belton” which was her stepdad’s last name … RIP …  This was done after a trip that 8-year-old Ayanna had taken from New York (I paid for that, too!) to visit me and my Mom in Ft. Lauderdale after her mom and I had gone our separate ways. I had verbally reprimanded her for some uncool behavior in a friend’s restaurant and told her that “Cooks don’t act like this!”  After the trip and our daughter was back “home” I was informed of the name change done and paid for by her mother …  I was in shock!!  Not anymore!!  I have learned not to expect much in terms of civility from this “cast of characters”!

Now, we can take a macro-level view of this same toxic type of behavior in our society.   We have a “fake” former president who wants to keep confidential government documents in his personal collection for only God and the devil knows what!!  “We the people …” allow our leaders to coddle this criminal mofo!  If that were former Pres. Obama, the white supremacists and other “frightened” Americans would have had his head!!  I’m sure “they” tried multiple times.  So, “people”, MAGA-mites, and other misguided folks, are trying to IGNORE the fact that the National Archives, the rightful “owners” with “the people’s” constitutional agreement, don’t need to BEG a former president to give back the documents that he STOLE from the Federal Government!!  Who does THAT?!?  Can you say “TOXIC”?!?  You’ve got to be kidding me!  The National Archives has been “asking” #45 to return the documents one month BEFORE he left the White House!  He had packed and shipped these documents to chosen locations outside of the government facility!  So many “sheeple” follow this pret’ near mentally challenged alternate reality mofo even with FACTS and timelines that show his deliberate “obstruction of justice”.  He acts as if it is a freakin’ game!!  It’s a shame to see so-called adults play these childish games with other people’s lives … especially defenseless children.

On either level, though national leaders’ behavior may be a little more important than that of somebody’s misguided daughter, the balance of “yin and yang” is interrupted and the acceptance of negative, hurtful, and dishonest behavior is replacing the “value system” based on agreed upon “truths”.  The social contract even with all of its faults includes:  “We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men (and women, modified) are created equal, that they are endowed by THEIR creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness …”.  No matter how we slice it, micro- or meso-level, we MUST abide by the same “truth” … or … live a LIE!  The choice is yours!


John I. Cook, Director

Thanks for reading! 😉

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