Trust The Process: Part 2

Good Day, probably the morning for most of y’all …  So, TGI Saturday with me?!?  Crazy, right?  Adjust and Trust!!  I know it’s Saturday and the e-mail message/blog post that I usually send on Friday didn’t get out.  But here it is!!  I was in a Denny’s all night in San Jose close to the airport where I flew in Thursday afternoon from Mexico City … from 5-6 pm Thursday until the Caribe Shuttle I had reserved for my return trip from the airport to Cocles was scheduled to depart at 5:30 am Friday!!  Magically … it all worked out!!  There are only two shuttles per day from the airport – 5:30 am and 2 pm.  Caleb and I took the trip when his mom came to San Jose to pick him up on the 4th of July.  The last bus that I could have caught left the nearby Marco Polo (MePe) Bus Terminal at 4 pm and the last time I tried that I got there late, missed the last bus at 4 pm and I ended up spending $175 for a taxi to take me from there in San Jose to Puerto Viejo!!  Live and learn, right?

It was a great week in Mexico City … ALL unplanned!  Let me begin with the fact that I had started planning the trip two months or more ago in an effort to get to see a dear friend before she left Oaxaca (6 hours from CDMX by bus).  I had wanted to rent a hotel there but decided it may be better to just stay in Mexico City for a week instead.  I had always wanted to visit places like Puerto Rico and Mexico since I was a child learning Spanish in public school.  So here was my chance.  When I realized that my friend in Oaxaca didn’t like me as much as I had liked her, I shifted gears and reserved a fancy hotel – Hotel Parque de Espana – in a luxury area where I planned to hang out and “lick my wounds” over the rough time that my daughter and her cohorts had given me regarding Caleb’s visit with me!  I found out some interesting facts during that “2-hour conference call” held by my daughter and her cohorts to convince Caleb to say that he wanted to leave me and Costa Rica and to see his “mommy”.  Now, Caleb is only 6 and was so excited to be able to locate Costa Rica on a globe with his “mommy” in preparation for the trip.  He just didn’t realize that it was three flights and a long shuttle ride to get to the place I am renting in Cocles.  In other words, he thought he would just act up enough so his “mommy” would come and get him, and maybe he would come back the next day if she let him …  He even told me, “Grandpa when I get mad, I always say I’m leaving …”  I understood what he meant but he didn’t know that his “mommy’s” plan was to win a bet with her mom his grandma who has been trying to destroy MY life since I kicked her to the curb when Ayanna was just a baby.  We had our ups and downs … but this shit got to be every day … 4 times a day.  I couldn’t take the lying and cheating and finally lost my patience one day … we had a fight that got physical … and she left our apartment with our daughter!  Her mother got involved and the toxicity began to flow from one generation to the next!  When Caleb was on that call, I overheard my ex-wife say unbeknownst to her that she “had won the bet and wanted her beer!”  I was like WTF??!!?  I didn’t want to get Caleb involved in this adult drama so when “they” bought our daughter’s airline tickets and return tickets for Caleb, I complied.  I could have been a nasty mofo several times but I am above that trifling shit!!  As one of my favorite childhood cartoon characters “Quick Draw McGraw” (a superhero fighting/talking horse!) used to say, “That smarts!!”

Once that episode of the drama ended, I changed my booking at Hotel Parque de Espana to a more center Mexico City location and see the town … as much of it as I could walking and taking tours.  I trusted the process … and it ALL worked out.  I got to stay in the Historic District.  I had no idea that the less expensive hotel was smack dab in the middle of that district!!  Do you see what I’m saying yet?!?  And it was at THAT hotel that I booked an all-day group tour to see the pyramids, have lunch, visit the Basilica de Guadalupe, and be driven back to the door of the hotel!  Now all of this came about on Monday, the day after which I had the opportunity to visit the location of the personal baths of “Aguas Medicinales del Penon” AND get an hour massage afterward!  Okay, now with me say “Trust the Process”!  I did!!  I love the process though it gets bumpy sometimes!  As Woody Allen once said, “Ride loosely in the saddle of life!”

My last two days there in Mexico City were incredible since I had learned my way around walking (I never took a city/public bus or subway/train while there!) and even frequented a few local stores, picked up a few gifts for myself and literally had a blast!!  I ate a few times at “Pirate Burger” which is way better than McDonald’s and/or Wendy’s and within walking distance of the hotel, as well as once at “Danubio”, where I had Lobster Thermador, a fancy restaurant in the same district !!  I know you see what I’m saying now about “trusting the process”.  Several times, including this morning, I felt the “love” of the universe holding me and directing my life … healing my wounds!

So yesterday, after picking up my electric scooter at the shop where the Caribe Shuttle was kind enough to drop me off (they usually take you to the door of your hotel/residence) I got unpacked, cleaned up a bit, shaved, and showered, went for a couple of slices of pizza and a ginger ale, got home … treated myself royally … and dozed off up until waking up to write THIS!

Have a great day and weekend!


John I. Cook, Director

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  1. Audley Astwood
    Aug 23, 2022 @ 18:55:54

    Hey John, long time…

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