When A Person SHOWS You Who They Are … Believe Them!!

Happy Friday from on “high”!  If y’all get this e-mail, I should be close to Mexico City!!  So, TGIF with me … I can’t hear you!?  Okay, that’s better, thanks!

Have you ever given someone too much credit?  I don’t mean financial or monetary credit!  I mean, perhaps one thought a potential friend was better than “they” turned out, unfortunately.  It happens to me more often than I’d like (though not too much nowadays!) and then I have to backtrack or “take back” some of my friendly thoughts and gestures toward this person(s).  That’s usually because I try to see the best in people first.  I am hoping that the person that I happen to find myself talking with is not trying to use me or set me up.  Some folks get a thrill when they tell you a lie and not only hope that you believe it but wait patiently for you to act on their LIE!  A strange kind of gratification, methinks!!

Yeah, I am taking a six-day siesta to Mexico City to take in as many sights as I can using a “Hop On, Hop Off!” bus that travels throughout the city showing venues that are tourist attractions.  I want some tasty Mexican food, too!  I have done some research on a location that has “aguas medicinales” like the water of the warm springs I experienced in La Fortuna, Costa Rica.  It’s more of a natural jacuzzi with mineral water … hopefully warm!  I’d like that!  I’m interested in seeing some pyramids since I heard that one if not the tallest pyramid is in Mexico … I don’t know where, but anyway …

I was going to just jump on the bus early enough to get to San Jose for my midday flight to Mexico City and postpone the blog post … but I can’t …  I said the same thing to myself when #45 was allowed to assume the office of the president.  After all of his braggadocio and lies, not to mention his pure ignorance about government and logic, some folks still thought that he would make a good president …  Then, of course with professional clowns like Jim Jordan who cheerlead this criminal on and criticize other people like Mr. Garland who actually knows what his job is and actually believes in a democratic government where the people vote for their representatives, it gets even more complicated.  Even Lovely Lindsey Graham chimed in to criticize Mr. Garland’s professionalism!!  Mr. Garland requested the search warrant because he had already tried everything else … and … of course … he KNOWS that #45 is the most dishonest person that he will probably ever meet!  Some complete fools actually want to start a “World War III” ( or Civil War II! ) over this garbage receptacle who managed to fool so many people with his con artist skills into believing the biggest LIAR ever!!  More than 30,000 lies were told by HIM during his presidency!!  It’s disappointing … but hopefully not surprising that he “took the 5th” during his deposition by the New York State agency investigating his over-valuing of his property when applying for yet another loan … more than 400 times!!!  Can we say “WTF” together yet?!?  Okay, I got this …. WTF!!??

When people SHOW you who they are … you’ve GOT to believe them.  While the feeling of realizing that you trusted someone and believed in them is extremely disheartening, remember that you NOW KNOW!!  Don’t be fooled by the same culprit over and over and over again!!  I’m happy about #45’s current situation because I can’t stand a liar.  The only people I can’t stand more are the people who believe and circulate the liar’s lies!!  Unless it’s a child, the person circulating and believing such lies are … sorry … less than complete idiots!!  I say that because they KNEW that the liar was lying!!  It hurts more when the people you trusted and tried to be close with chose to tell you a freaking lie!  To me, that’s some disrespectful crap … to stand in my face, using my time … to LIE!!!

I will take this little time as a vacation from my retirement residence that I am renting right now.  It’s good for me to “air my head out” sometimes when I’ve gone through some unanticipated drama!!  I owe it to MYSELF!  I remind me that my happiness is MY responsibility … not yours!!  So don’t worry!!  Still, I trust people … and people trust me.  I consider myself extremely trustworthy … that’s the way my Father wanted it and I carry that honesty with me today!!  Yet, I know how to put that sh@t in reverse and drop a “mofo” like a hot potato once I see that they like to lie!!  In short, I don’t care if I never see them again!!  

Be a good person … I know that there are a lot of us out there.  We have to hold each other accountable though and not let people in our circle(s) jerk everybody around with their lies … unless … you like that kind of thing!! NEVER settle for less than you deserve!

So wish me well in Mexico City as I do my “lone traveler” thing out here!!


John I. Cook, Director

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