Let Them Kick Rocks!!

Happy Friday, Yeah, Yeah, Yeahhh!!  I’m feeling rather chipper if you will!  So, shall we TGIF?!  Radical, Y’all!!  Thanks!

One of the primary lessons identified by Educational Excellence is to “Be the best that YOU can be!”  Does that make sense?  For me, this approach to life eliminates the necessity for a competition which can often get out of control.  Our (each of us) only competition should FIRST be “ourselves”.  Should one decide to choose a role model, be sure to carry the respect due to the person(s) you are choosing to emulate.  From time to time, I view things from a social scientist’s perspective.  Yet, I try to balance the conclusions from my observations without much of my personal bias that is based on my experiences.  So, I try to keep in mind that people may have a different, if not more difficult set of circumstances to deal with than I do!  In other words, I try to be kind even when defending “myself” and/or my behavior.  And … even when the “other” person is a tragedy in motion, it’s best for me to stay cool.  We never know what someone’s behavior (as crazy as it may be!) is being conceived or caused by … so I have learned to keep that in mind!

Of course on the flip side of being empathetic, one has to represent “truth” though it is constantly under attack nowadays!!  #TruthHaters SUCK! Yet, it is important for me to let “nature take its course”.  Some of us believe in karma, like me.  If anyone has “done you wrong” or maybe even stolen something from you, you don’t have to get in their face!  You may not be there when their “slap in the face” comes back to them but trust the process.  Stay your peaceful self and know that “they will get theirs” … if they haven’t already.  Don’t let “the monsters” steal YOUR peace …  It should be obvious that they have none … peace that is!  They may be jealous of your state of mind, and your life, and don’t want to see you happy!!  Can you say “toxic” with me?!?

There are times when I embrace the character of my Dad “Big Ike”.  He didn’t get all up in other people’s faces or business.  He stayed clear of the drama.  Big Ike didn’t have a college degree yet did his best to raise 4 children in the same household with the SAME wife … in The Projects!!  My, my, my how things have changed just in my lifetime.  Stay YOUR course or “stay in your lane”, as I sometimes like to suggest to people.  Remember, there IS a difference between leaders, like Bill Russell (RIP, Sir) and Michelle (and Barak) Obama, and regular followers.  Michelle depicts it best when she says, “When they go low, we go high!”

After having accomplished a few important things for me, I am nearly full focused on my health now. It is coming around as I continue to try more things like pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds blended with flax seeds, and honey each morning with my curcuma/ginger tea!  I stick to my three-day-a-week workout routine at a local gym.  I’ve also started taking a supplement called “MSM” which is a natural plant-based supplement designed to treat osteoarthritis.  If I told you that I don’t have to walk with my cane anymore AND that I’m taking my happy a$$ to Mexico City next Friday, you might not believe me!  “I am responsible for my OWN happiness!”  I unapologetically choose ME!  How about you?

Thanks for reading and enjoy your day and weekend.


John I. Cook, Director

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