“And If You Don’t Know, Now You Know!!”

Happy Friday, World!!

While the madness continues in the States (Summer Camp Shooter in Texas), things look a bit hectic worldwide, too!  I can’t believe the seemingly medieval images of war being shown from Kyiv and Ukraine!  OMG!  I can’t even talk about the “war crimes” ranging from the sexual battery by Russian soldiers on civilian women to stealing grain from Ukraine and the world!!  TGIF, right quick, okay?!?  Thank you!!

This weekend holds the celebrations of “Juneteenth” where participants embrace the concept of “freedom” as well as “Father’s Day”, so take your pick … or do BOTH!  A royal shout out to my Dad, “BIG Ike” r.i.p. who got me started with just a glint in his eyes!!  Most of my pieces entertain some ideas of spirituality as well as “history” since I do still hold a Master of Science Degree in Education, with a specialization in American History.  Life is interesting from my perspective because I can’t seem to get away from it … that history stuff! But, we have to be careful, of course, if we bother to care at all!  There are some characters who try to rewrite history.  Others go as far as to claim that none of it matters anyway!  Picture that ostrich with its head buried in the sand!!  I don’t even think the ostriches really do that … but anyway!!

After watching some of the January 6th Special Committee segments, I was kind of shocked … but not really.  #45 is a bully of the worst type.  Those kinds of people are extremely dangerous! Direct Quotes: “I’m telling you … if Pence caved, “mofos” are gonna be drug through the streets!”  “Hang Mike Pence!”  That’s when a bully HAS to be checked!!  Former VP Pence and his family members’ lives were physically at stake!  One of the Proud Boys said, “If we had the chance, we would have killed Mike Pence, Nancy Pelosi, too!”  Meanwhile, the classlessness of #45 propelled him to call his VP on January 6th, who had praised him when no one else would, a “wimp” and “the p-word”!  So, even after 4 years of being the president, this is the best he could do!?!  Attempt to re-write American History and kill a few citizens while he was at it, heh!!!  Damn shame!!!  VOTE WISELY!!  Hopefully, Pence NEVER communicates with that mofo again!  Talk about throwing someone under the bus!?!  Damn disgrace!!

Personally, I prefer NOT to deal with liars and bullies and I don’t want to wrestle with any “pigs”!  All of these types of behavior are toxic!!  Keep in mind now that some folks prefer not to live WITHOUT toxicity!  These people are so toxic that they will never be able to see the errors of their ways.  They would rather heap all of that “bs” toxicity on others than try to “be the best that they can be!” These people should never be trusted with any kind of leadership position.  Followers of these fools are more dangerous than their “lying leaders”!!  One of the reasons I wrote three books is not only to share my journey of overcoming obstacles but to set the record straight.  Thanks to my Creator and my parents’ insistence that I “be the best that I can be”, I don’t NEED to lie.  Overcomers don’t lie to themselves as that would thwart the process of overcoming obstacles!  As my Father used to say, “Use your common sense, Son!”  Unfortunately, too many people don’t care about their own “truth” and lack common sense.  Thusly, they become stuck, unhappy, and lash out at others!  Be aware of your surroundings and the people you are around.  Toxicity is contagious unless you really “know thyself”.  Don’t trash your own life, please!  I definitely won’t let you trash mine.

Have a great day, enjoy your weekends, hug your “Dads”, and celebrate the freedom of “Juneteenth”!


John I. Cook, Director

Get a copy of any of the three books by visiting the “Publications” section of excelwitheducationalexcellence.com

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