An “Emmet Till” Moment …

Happy Friday, “cruel world” … in my Bugs Bunny voice …  It seems that way more often than not … so … TGIF!!  Get with it, eh?!?  Thanks!!

Just a reminder to the readers and followers on Word Press of Educational Excellence that I say things that most people are even afraid to discuss!  After years of being a “learning manager” in schools both public and private as well as in corporations like American Express, I am not afraid to state something controversial like racism is a mental illness.  I mean I have been called stuff that was mean and nasty, even hurtful.  But if I do the same thing, people’s feelings get hurt!  Shucks!  They might even feel uncomfortable!  I say “GOOD!”.  And that’s just a smidgen of what many people have been referred to for one reason or another, not to mention the inhumane treatment of some Americans to other Americans!

As I watched the “January 6th Hearings” coupled with the horrifying inadequacies of the police representatives from various law enforcement agencies in Uvalde, TX, I could see that America is in trouble!  The country lacks professional leadership on all levels from local representatives, to state and federal representatives.  If you will, “America” is catching up during this age of corruption.  While the country and its experimental constitution are still “intact”, parents, doctors, actors, and even children have to literally beg these elected officials to do something other than to permit police to stand outside of a classroom door while innocent children were being decapitated by a “lone loser” with an AR-15!  They (police) were afraid for THEIR lives but not too concerned for those helpless innocent children.  Then, the police spin lies like the door was blocked or all of the children … damn … have been killed!! WTF!!!!  Enter the pediatrician of Uvalde, TX who described in detail the injuries inflicted on these innocent children.  Can you see the dearth of humanity that allowed a complete inhuman to mercilessly kill OTHER PEOPLE’S children while they were sitting ducks ….  Peace be still …  Do Americans NEED another Emmet Till Moment?  Have we become so numb to such violence?!?

Many Americans feel that there is no reason to be concerned anymore … just grin and bear it!!  NOT I!!  I am one of those who are intelligent enough to want to save one of the last bastions of democracy on Earth.  I don’t want to live in a country with a dictator or anyone who is not concerned with the civil rights of ALL!!  Selfishness permeates the attitudes of politicians who have lost track of the FACT that they represent “the people”!  Please … don’t vote for these self-styled autocrats who can’t lead sh@t!!  It makes me feel so disappointed in America …  Some people don’t even know how to recognize a “leader” …  Others don’t recognize that the democratic experiment can survive in America when we elect quality leaders!  That’s our job as voters …  We can SEE that “others” are NOT doing their jobs!  Don’t emulate them!!

Enjoy your day, your weekend, and your LIFE!


John I. Cook, Director

Thanks for reading!!

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