I Am Mystified!

Hello Friday … Glad you came to see us today!!  So, I will complete the ritual of gratitude and TGIF for ALL the WORLD!  DONE!

I know that I am not alone on this one … if you’re living, breathing, and able to think.  You DO realize the state of the world today …  Nobody has any answers that “others” will accept without a debate, a “new theory of some sort”, or just a plain old LIE!  The truth seems to be a concept that we humans can no longer fathom nor agree on.  It seems that we each want to be the author of our lives … as we enthrall, defame, corrupt, or just kill “others” in our “constructs of reality”!  Far OUT, right?!?  That’s what I’m saying!  I can’t believe the level of depravity (showing a lack of civility) to which humankind has fallen!  No matter where we observe human life on the globe, there is tremendous drama, a dearth of spirituality, decadence, and decay!  I heard one law enforcement official in the United States after the latest spree of mass murders call the state that these “shooters” are in as I eluded to before … a state of depravity, a la Professor Leonard!

When I hear arguments supporting the sale of AR-15s to 18-year-olds because they are drafted at 18 years of age anyway, I see the “loopholes” and excuses building up to illuminate this decayed state of humanity.  Finally, we have the true morons who have forgotten that we ALL are humans and have the right to our God-given lives who say, “No!  It’s NOT the AR-15s fault… it’s that we need better programs to treat poor mental health in the citizenry!  Protect the 2nd Amendment!”  My jaw drops … and I wonder … who is going to protect the children … humanity’s future?!  Or do we think the 2nd Amendment deserves our unconditional love instead?!?  Don’t make me say it!!

Yeah, I am mystified at the level of ignorance that many so-called leaders and their followers display to cover up OBVIOUS wounds in our social organizations, our economic systems based on capitalism and greed, and our physical planet – Earth!  I don’t know how much more oil drilling, fracking, earthquakes, coal excavation, diamond and gold mining Mother Earth can withstand!  Has someone studied THAT?!?  I mean we only LIVE here?!?  Depravity at its worst!  I find it difficult to sleep at night, too, as some of the Ukrainian survivors of the Russian invasion of their land have stated.  How about the eerie silences in the homes of those 19 children lost at the hands of yet another depraved individual who fell through the cracks until … The End …

Well, I recall a course I took with a Sister Ganga from The Brahma Kumaris Spiritual University some 10-15 years ago at her home near Pembroke Pines, FL.  I had attended a few of Brahma Kumaris’s “Peace in the Park” gatherings held in Young’s Circle in Hollywood, FL every third Sunday.  I found the “singing bowls”, reiki activities, group meditations led by the Organization’s experienced meditators, and fabulous gatherings of folks at Ganga’s house for guest speakers followed by a vegan lunch quite uplifting!  In fact, The Brahma Kumaris of Miami gave me an opportunity to do a book presentation and signing of my first manuscript, “From the Projects to Princeton”!  The organization whose headquarters are in Mount Abu, India, also has spiritual centers worldwide including a lovely retreat location in Upstate New York as well as in places like Costa Rica.

Their belief system focuses on spirituality and meditation.  We are spiritual beings who have become so enveloped in our own physical trappings that we have lost contact with our spiritual selves.  That’s more my interpretation of things rather than what someone told me to think!  I don’t do “group think” which is why I was attracted to this group.  Basically, the workshop I took with Ganga explained that humanity basically has four ages, if you will.  The first is the Golden Age (Spring Time) followed by the Silver Age, Summer Time where life is less pure.  Next, we experienced the Copper Age (Autumn), when the “God” if you will, sent prophets to help end idol worship and answer humanity’s calls (prayers) for direction in the midst of extreme human suffering, negative personality traits, and perhaps depravity on that level.  My studies illustrated that we Humans are in the Iron Age (winter), the age of corruption.  Yet, before this age blossoms into the Golden Age again, the Universe permitting, there is a special time of “confluence” when the Iron Age gives way to a rebirth, perhaps, of humanity.  It was at this time that I embraced whole-heartedly and passionately the practice of yoga as well as meditation.  They bring me to focus on my “peace” which I in turn get to disperse to interested souls!  I hope to be an integral part of aiding in this rebirth!  And you?!?  Any thoughts or paradigms??

Okay, so when you’ve time and perhaps a notion of how “you” might aid in this experience, give it a whirl.  “Know Thyself!”


John I. Cook, Director

ps – Thank you for reading!

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