“The Gift of Life!”

Good Day good people …  and TGIF to you, too!  I got this one … TGIF!  Prayers for Buffalo!!  (I could see my neighborhood in the faces of the slain!)

First of all, I want to wish my mother a Happy Heavenly Birthday!  Marietta Dolores Watkins was born on May 20th, 1917 in a small town in North Central Florida near Tampa.  My third book, “Cooking With Life!: CookBook III” was written in honor of her and her unconditional love for me alongside the endless discipline of my Dad, Isaac Henry.  When I started the manuscript perhaps close to 10 years ago, I was living in the States and realized that I had to retire abroad.  Yet, while my original outline served me well, I found that I had to include my travels in Western Europe as I sought a place to retire, or at least finish the book.  I found that “place” in Costa Rica … Cocles, which is just outside of Puerto Viejo, to be exact!  The dedication which appears at the end of the book says it all!  Thanks, Mom!  Happy Birthday!!  Get a copy if you haven’t already, and if you like!  https://www.amazon.com/Cooking-Life-Cookbook-John-Cook-ebook/dp/B08Z7FRKCX/ref=sr_1_6?dchild=1&keywords=cooking+with+life+cook+book+iii&qid=1621607433&sr=8-6

Not only am I glad to be out of the States for the time I have been, but I am also so very sad, hurt even, to see the continuance of the outbursts from people suffering from the mental illness of racism.  While one person interviewed says “the system failed him”, that person fails to realize that the father of this teenager purchased a gun for him as a present.  I would agree that another racist fell through the cracks while crying out for help … perhaps when he announced that he wanted to do a “special project” at school focusing on a “murder/suicide”.  But we ALL know that if that had been a non-white teenager proposing such a project, more serious attention would have been paid to the young monster!  Now, here is a young person bright or intelligent enough to figure out how to live stream an event … which was, unfortunately, the ignorant, callous, hate-filled, misdirected murder of innocent people who had done NOTHING to him … but he fails to realize the horror of his thinking!!  The words carved on one of his weapons say it all:  “Kill All Blacks!” and “White Lives Matter” …

As I watched a newscast Wednesday night that highlighted the people whose lives were senselessly taken from THEIR loved ones in Buffalo, NY, one interview of the son of the ex-cop/slain security guard at Tops Market brought tears to my eyes.  The interview was conducted by Don Lemon who just let the young man laud his Father with praises as well as comments from many many people who had never met him … but who also lauded the kindness, courtesy, and professionalism of his Father whom they had each met at “Tops” …  Doesn’t anyone wonder what “right” a teenager has to take the life of this young man’s Father?!?  Something is strangely sick about the repetition of this effin bs in the States!!  It is extremely difficult for me to even fathom living in my home country if you will.  Economically, I would HAVE to work while receiving my pension … at least one full-time job plus a part-time one … I’m still single.  I’m not interested in doing that in “my condition” of a no-nonsense attitude and recovering my nerves and health from the “hamster wheel lifestyle” in the States.  Shucks, I’m tired of all of that drama and toxic people whom I just might encounter … by misfortune!  No thanks!  I wonder if I’m alone in feeling heartbroken for “The United States of America”.  If you know “American History”, you KNOW that Africans (Crispus Attucks) are and have been an integral part of the success of this “business”.  As I used to inform my students and asked them to contemplate it, too … that “America” was started as a business run by joint-stock companies based in Western Europe …  As the fledging “company” prospered, the leaders became aware of the fact that violations of human rights, including rights of Native Americans and Africans, were ultimately the cornerstones of America.

You see, I still have some more “good” to do in this world to honor both my Mother and my Father … may they rest in eternal peace.  I know that they fought hard for ALL of their children … all four of us now only 2 … but I am the last of these guys’ children.  I plan to go out representing the values that they instilled in me …  “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!”  Simple, right?!?  So, I wonder frequently what is the problem on Earth!!!

Care about each other, no matter the color if they’ll let you.  Spread peace, love, harmony … and sincere communications.  Enough of spreading hurtful hate-filled nonsense that causes the loss of precious innocent lives …  Of course, I don’t have ALL of the answers, but I’d be willing to bet that the course that this world is on has got to change … or else!


John I. Cook, Director

Thank you for reading!

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