Oh … PLEASE Don’t Disturb My Peace!!

Happy Friday, Y’all!

You bet, I’m chirping my same song about peace, harmony, and how we can get along!!  Then, TGIF right about now!  Thank youse very kindly!

Happy belated “Cinco de Mayo”!  Perhaps you might ask what is that?  Nothing serious … just Mexico’s Independence Day … from France … at the Battle of Puebla it was determined in 1862 … led by Gen. Zaragoza.  So, there was a nice gathering of “jazz” aficionados at my fav “natural foods” restaurant called “Grow” last night.  I passed by there after having some coconut fried shrimp with my favorite beverage the Howler Monkey at Puerto Pirata.  It was cool, you dig!?

Have you ever felt that someone intentionally disturbed (or tried to) YOUR peace?  How did you handle that?  Nothing annoys me more than when people say or do “stupid stuff” and then look at you as if you are supposed to not only accept their ignorance but that you LIKE it, too!!  Aww, hell no!  I used to be a young “Mr. Nice Guy” in elementary school in White Plains, NY.  It’s not a “tough” town but quite the contrary.  I not only wore glasses because I ALWAYS sat too close to the TV, but my Dad – Big Ike – used to cut my hair … damn near bald but stylish and trimmed ever so evenly.  I always got teased by the kids, I was tall, skinny, and not the cutest guy in the Projects.  I ate a lot of humble pie but I had a great relationship with myself!  Sounds crazy, right?  So, I know how to eat humble pie, but when I’ve had enough, one had better stay clear!  The whole time that I am working on my patience and being calm, I try to figure out a way to retain my peace.  It usually turns out okay even though I have to remind people that I’d like to be known as “PeaceBoy”!  I didn’t say “boy” … I said PEACE BOY … so don’t get it twisted!

On the international scene, I have never seen so much human suffering!  A young Ukrainian woman who was scheduled to be married got BOTH of her legs blown off in an attack on her city in Ukraine …  Afterwards, the groom still wanted to marry her … and did!  One story that I didn’t mention in my pieces is the story of how Africans and other “people of color”, mostly foreign students in Ukraine, were forced to relinquish their places on the lines to trains (and other vehicles) … at GUNPOINT!!  Now, the “story” came up a few times during the initial evacuation of Kyiv but has not come up since!  Can you say depraved with me?!?  That’s just one OTHER example of the impact of war, of people struggling to escape, and our final loss of humanity to the point where one is willing to kill a fellow human being so one can escape death first!!!  Hmmm …

I work to keep peace at the front and at the center of my life as I live each day!  Shucks, it makes ME feel better when I have kind, loving, even peaceful thoughts in my mind, which undoubtedly affects my behavior.  I know there are others who may not have been as fortunate or lucky as I was with both parents always trying to protect their last hope – little Johnny!  I mean, my Dad was so protective of me, I felt sorry for anyone who messed with ANY one of his four children, not to mention his wife.  I have inherited that “protector” characteristic from him as I participated in and observed how this non-high school graduate handled his family in Harlem, NY once escaping the horrors of racism in “The Dirty South”.   At some point, if one is astute enough, one can see that “peace is power” if only over ONESELF!  This warrants respect, which is also at the front and center of my life.  If a human can’t respect me, what should I have to do with such a heap of unhappiness?!?  Why, get rid of it!  Discard it!  Don’t let it steal your peace.  This is where the REAL inside work comes when one has to make ONESELF peaceful in the face of “Tomfoolery”!  Needless to say that your friend selection is very important as one matures, the economic competition gets tighter, and people sometimes make hasty choices.  Please, try to “think it through” before you act …

May is an important month for me … not only because it contains Mother’s Day, but it also contains my Mother’s birthday!  Hey, thanks for reading  It really means a lot to me, if you catch my drift!  Tally – Ho!


John I. Cook, Director

ps. Thank you for reading!

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