Pray Tell … What EXACTLY Is the Goal of This Destruction?

Happy Friday, Y’all!

As I try to stay true to my “form” so to speak, I’d like to recommend a TGIF, okay?  TGIF, then!  Well done!!

Are you one of those people with no concrete goals for oneself OR the world you/we live in?  Do you go “home” after a “workday” and tear up everything in YOUR home?!?  Maybe, fight with your partner or neighbor just trying to cook up a disagreement or get in one of your weak-ass bully lines?  Some folks like to sugar coat bullsh@t, some like to eat the same while still others go around spreading that sugar-coated sh-t everywhere!!  Can’t one see the negativity in that bs?  Or, don’t they care?!?  Is there something leading these people away from the truth other than their own fears and stupidity?  Is it money or power, both man-made drugs?  Can you see the truth through your own eyes?  Do you actually NEED someone to tell you what you see with your own eyes?

I remember when I was completing my studies for the Master of Science Degree in Education (Specialization in Am Hist) at Iona College in New Rochelle, NY, I had a professor who stood out from the others.  Professor Leonard finished almost every important class emphasizing how depravity seemed to be the end result (not the goal) of an avaricious Western Civilization.  I always wondered why he liked that word …  I think he was trying to warn his students about becoming depraved from his tiny platform.

If one wants to see what depravity really is, one should visualize images like “Pew Tin” or #45!  When you look at the visuals of Russia’s attack on Ukraine, you see a clear picture of depravity.  Imagine what the Russian invasion of Ukraine looks like to the Ukrainians?!  Can you see the fall of human civilization being caused by a depraved demon who wants to control the world?!  Okay, so say we humor the fool … give “it” Ukraine (hypothetical situation) and the rest of the world … what would that creature do with controlling the entire world?  What in the hell is this fool looking for?  I don’t think that he would know how to lead the rebuilding of all the “property” (another dangerous man-made concept) because he … er uh … “it” has become so accustomed to lying, stealing, controlling, and destroying things.  Is this the kind of world leader one wants?!?  Former President Obama is warning us as Professor Leonard did that the concept of democratic government and democracy (rule by the people) is at stake WORLDWIDE!!  Our world has tiny monsters like Kim Jong-un just licking their lips for “the spoils of war”.  Even in the USA, we have monsters like DeSantis who would also like to control the world!!  (These mofo’s can’t even control THEMSELVES!)

As I climb down from my soapbox of a platform, be wise … not acting depraved in your thoughts and behavior.  If we continue the depraved behavior, humanity is at stake.  I’ve always been kind of a grassroots organizer.  If we all don’t get on board soon, it might be that “the last train has left the station”.  Pray that it hasn’t … and vote for leaders … not losers!


John I. Cook, Director

Thanks for reading!

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