Makes Me Wanna Holler … Throw Up BOTH My Hands!

Happy Friday … yeah … there I said it.  I’m trying to mean it but I need a little help … perhaps … from my “friends”.  Now, don’t take it wrong ’cause I’m not possessive.  Yet, if you are a friend of the “universe”, you’re a friend of mine!!  So, TGIF … Y’All!

When I came up with the title for this piece, I had been focused on the horrific situation in Ukraine and Putin’s sickness of his need to exact dearth and death on innocent women, children … and senior citizens.  Surely there is a place in hell for this demonic rogue!  Then … BAM!!!  Right out of Michigan … again … this time in Grand Rapids … an unarmed African man seeking asylum from his wartorn country is executed.  Patrick Lyoya, 26 a Congolese refugee living with his parents in Grand Rapids experienced a fatal traffic stop after being accosted, tackled face down, and shot in the back of the head …by a police officer!!  Why?!  Because he ran away from the officer and had the officer’s taser which had been fired twice by the officer and missed the mark!!  You might remember a situation in which an African American man was shot in the back of the head while shopping in a Krugers with a young boy …  Now we have a freakin’ cop losing control because a man would not drop a freakin’ taser (and he wasn’t strong enough to take it away!) as he lay face down on the ground … who then removed his weapon and shot this man in the BACK of the head “execution-style”!  Of course, the police department didn’t want to release his name … hmmm … (Can you say “de-escalate” officer “no-name”??!)

I’m sure many of us may remember Marvin Gaye and his famous hit “Make Me Wanna Holla … Throw Up Both My Hands …”.  Well, he was ahead of his time with the lyrics … and we can see all of the destruction and death, dishonesty and hatred, jealousy and envy traveling around the world!!  (Oh … yeah … I forgot to mention GREED!) It might be just that … we ALL need to holler … throw up our hands …. then get back to work saving our Planet!  Do you have something more important to do?!?  It definitely does look like a “ball of confusion” and some folks, unfortunately, like to contribute to mass hysteria and chaos.  Yet, from this, WE positive energy and vibration spirits must recover …  Yes, it’s a tough job but somebody’s got to do it!  I’d rather go down “fighting” against evil than join those forces.  Be a positive influence in somebody’s life today!  Maybe even start with your own life!  “Free your mind … and your ass will follow!”  – Geo. Clinton


John I. Cook, Director

Thanks for reading!!

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