You Didn’t See That Coming?!?

Happy Friday, Y’all …

And … I say this with a lot of gratitude … that I’m here … The horror being spread in Ukraine should wake a lot of people up!! (Don’t you just love the “little leaders” who preach anti-wokeness to their sleeping flock!!) So, I’m ready to do a heart-felt TGIF for all breathing … Done!

Now, the United Nations has suspended Russia’s participation in the Human Rights Council.  Hmmm …  Is it because Russian soldiers have reduced themselves … again … to medieval monsters that use rape, pillage, and destruction of civilian homes as weapons of war?  Or, perhaps because as Ukraine’s government seeks to recover their soldiers’ bodies, the Russian military has made no effort to recover their soldiers’ bodies that remain strewn across the city streets and roads in multiple locations where bombing and fighting took place in Ukraine?  I don’t know about you but it shouldn’t even be any question about if rape, pillage, and other war crimes are being committed by Putin’s barbaric puppet soldiers!!  Horrifying!!  Methinks that he and several other autocrats have no interest in nor respect for democracy!!  They prefer to rule with an “iron fist”.

The concept of democratically formed government, which was an experiment in the USA in 1776, is being directly challenged BOTH in the States and abroad.  You see, democracy only works with populations of people with shared values, mutual goals, and basic human respect.  As I watched footage of the death and destruction, barbarism, and incivility employed by the so-called “Russian soldiers” who were often asking locals for food and toilet paper, there was one scene that stood out!  A news reporter was able to interview a small group of senior citizen Ukrainian women in a neighborhood that had just been shelled by the Russian military.  The journalist asked one woman what she thought.  She cut to the chase with: “F@ck his mother, Putin.  Has he gone mad?  Shooting children!”  The world watches as a “mad man” unleashes his wildest nightmares on humanity.  As the Ukrainian people, who are VERY human too, stand up and fight against all odds for “freedom and democracy”, there are little punks in Congress like Matt Gaetz who took his opportunity to address a distinguished general in the United States Military, Defense Secretary Austin.  He took time out from a House Armed Services Committee budget meeting to address “woke-ism” as he accused Pres. Biden of “starving the US military”.  You see, some “little men” take every opportunity to display their racism and contempt for “people of color” who have risen above ALL odds to acquire their professional positions which happen to be way more important than a big-mouthed, lying, fool who duped people (?) into voting for him.  More dog whistles!  So, let’s be clear, while little old ladies are fighting for the last remnants of democracy in Ukraine, rich little “white men” continue to sling racial hatred in the legislative branch in what was once considered “the home of democracy”, the shining city on the hill …” 

 Do you mean that we didn’t see any of this coming?!?  Of course, we did!  It’s just that the so-called “leaders” were too busy taking sides against accomplished African Americans … and this one happens to be a woman … than to pay attention to “the preservation of democracy”.  Are the US government AND people falling prey to the cataclysm of fascist, authoritarian, dictatorships while squabbling over “the spoils of capitalism” and this fictitious concept of “power”?  It’s like that in real life, too, not just in “politics” …  Be aware of the people around you who question your existence and your own hard-work ethic.  If you really want to be a “good person” and/or citizen of the universe (there I go again!), pay attention to the warning signs … like death and destruction!  “Positive Vibration”!

Thanks for reading!


John I. Cook, Director

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