People Say The Darndest Things . . .

Happy  Friday, Y’all!

A quick shout out to the Ukrainian people … Blessings!  Fight On!!  Right On!!!

And if you want to join me for a TGIF, I’d appreciate it … for them, too!  “There but for the grace of God go I!”  You see … people are people wherever we go.  Deep down inside, we are part of the human race!!  Bones, flesh, and skin … filled with a holy spirit …

So, many people have stated their view on the “slap heard ’round the world”.  Yet, I wonder how many people have done ANY research on the constantly bubbling professional relationship between Mr. Rock and Mr. Smith.  It’s been more than tumultuous!  In fact, after complaining about how many movie roles that Will and his children MAY have taken away from Chris and his kids, it had become, in many ways, the “elephant in the room” whenever these two actors were in the same vicinity.  It ain’t easy being “Will Smith” from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” to “Gettin’ Jiggy With It!”  It’s also not easy being “Chris Rock” who has often been considered one of the funniest comedians going due to his “rough-edged” style.  Sometimes, it’s a fine line between “funny” and “offensive” language from ANYone.  Choose wisely!

As the world watches the utter display of mental illness by Vladimir Putin while he continues to try and wage war on a nation of people who are determined to be free of Russian rule, one can only shudder at the horrific displays of violence inflicted on these innocent people.  As the Ukrainian soldiers have stated multiple times, “The Russian Army is good a killing defenseless civilians … NOT Ukrainian soldiers!”  As was once speculated about #45’s mental state during the Capitol Insurrection, Mr. Putin’s mental state is also in question as the army of uninterested Russian soldiers continues to follow his insane orders …

Have you ever come out of your mouth with some hurtful messages for someone … perhaps someone already writhing in some form of pain from “life’s challenges”?  How does it make YOU feel when you do that to someone else?  How does it make you feel when the same thing is done to YOU?!?  Ahhhh, a little different I presume!  In my work as an author, a motivational speaker/writer, a social activist, a sociologist with “the world as my laboratory”, and a learning facilitator, I often step out into the line of fire, so to speak.  I try to be courteous in whatever I say about anybody, but I stick to the truth … my gut feeling coupled with what I can plainly see.  I work hard not to be against anyone who respects my right to exist.  And of course, if “you” have a problem with that, then YOU have a problem, not me!!  Get some help even though “self-help” is readily available.  In a small town like Puerto Viejo, some folks come out with “stories” about each other … and even ME!  Now, I try to be cool, calm, and calculated while some people display little to NO class in their behavior.  A few days ago, I was sitting at one of my favorite chill spots in Puerto snacking and watching the waves and the people during Sunset when a young lady whom I know but have kept a respectful distance walked past me.  She had a “new” friend with her who glanced up at me dressed in my usual French beret and a pink shirt with a pair of wide-legged multi-colored Caribbean-style blue jeans made in India, and my favorite black loafers that I bought in Barcelona.  I smiled and waved.  As they looked at me, I think I heard her whisper, “He’s gay …”  I wondered why she said that to her “new” friend. I am definitely not a desperate dog, so … I guess I’ll have to be gay for her!

In closing, I want to ask that we remember that kindness goes a long way.  It creates a good vibration between humans that if we employ this behavior often enough, can change our whole outlook on life, not to mention the wonderful opportunities created by such an environment.  Be aware of what we say to people.  Show respect for each other rather than trying to get a hostile laugh out of someone.  We all have our tipping points …  Yet, I never wanted to see two professional African American men pitted against each other on a worldwide international stage either.   Namaste


John I. Cook. Director

Thanks for reading …

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