“Jerks Out o’ The Box!”

It’s Friday, Yay!

Y’all still reading and breathing with me?!?  “Hallelujah!”  (Any of y’all remember “Bootsy”!?)  TGIF!  Thank You …

Can you believe how far “back” down humanity is falling?  Don’t we have a choice anymore?!  Every time “we” turn around, here comes another “jerk out of the box”!!  The sad thing is that so many … way too many … including Russian soldiers were killed and left on the streets of Ukraine to rot!!  The mayor of one Ukrainian city said, “To leave these bodies on our streets like this is not normal!”  Imagine “normal” …

Can you imagine a teenage Ukrainian boy watching his mother burn alive in front of his face?  He had been hit by shrapnel and could not walk …  He was rescued alive.  This is how the Russian dictator runs HIS things.  Clearly, “it” has no regard for ANYONE else!!  Do you know people like this who try to use you and … then when done … try to discard you like a piece of trash!!?  These people are like “jerks out o’ the box”!  Unfortunately, those fake “tough guys” in Congress are afraid of having an African American woman in “the highest court in the land”!  But wait, did you understand that SC Justice’s wife – Mrs. Thomas – also tried to coerce Mark Meadows, #45’s right-hand man, NOT to allow Congress to confirm the 2020 election results!!?  Does any one of you have a wife (or husband!) like this?!?  How about a “friend” like this?!?  Trust me, it can be traumatizing!!

As one of the most dedicated “lawyers” continues to interview for the remaining seat in the Supreme Court, many of the ReTrumplicans are attacking Judge Jackson like she is “the boogie man”!  How dare she outshine those … those … call them what they are now … “jerks out o’ the box”!?!  Who does SHE think she is?!?  Understand these frightened “little men” who fear that their “race” … OMG … is losing ground in populating the States … maybe the Earth!  THAT’S what the problem is!!  How could Judge Jackson, or any woman, let alone an African American woman, hold a position in government that is higher than any of them.  Enter another jerk … Sen. Hawley … who tries to stoke fear in EVERYBODY’S heart when he insinuates that Judge Jackson would be lenient on “child pornography” defendants!!  Stupidity at its “best” (or worst, in this case) is being displayed, as if Judge Jackson ain’t a woman who has children, too!  But wait … says Ted Cruz … let me ask her about critical race theory!??  That didn’t work either as indicated by Judge Jackson’s response that “she hadn’t read those books he named and that CRT had NOTHING to do with her job”!!

Don’t look in the background as North and South Korea test intercontinental missiles while Putin attempts to bully Ukraine into submission!!  What kind of world is this where so-called “leaders” are threatening to … DESTROY the Planet?!?  I’ll say it again, I am a social activist, anti-racist, and a learning facilitator and I choose to define myself … not wait for “someone” to say that I matter and tell me what I should do to attempt to “Save the Planet”.  I can’t sit by idly and watch “us” destroy ourselves!! 

“Raise your words, not your voice.  It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder …”   – Rumi  (Thanks to a young man I met named “Riley” who said that these words remind him of me …)


John I. Cook, Director

Thanks for reading!

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