The Protean Self

Happy Friday, Yay!!

At least “Fridays” can still be comparatively peaceful for now over here …  So TGIF with me if you feel up to it!!  TGIF!

Welp, it looks like we may be seeing World War III in our lifetimes!!  How exciting?!!!  NOT!!  Is this what leadership looks like?!?  Freakin’ humanity is on the verge of collapse and “humans” are still fighting over land that belongs to the inhabitants thereof, and this imaginary thing we whipped up called “money”!!  Ask the Russian oligarchs … or the “American Family” that are wannabee oligarchs!!  How do we individual “nobodies” fare in a drama-filled existence on the planet Earth?!?  Adjust and adapt!  With the hunger for one’s control over another as “the game” goes, we have lost sight of the value of sincere yet basic human communications and relationships.  Enter, the “protean man” (sorry ladies!) or the “protean self”.  As time progressed and this concept became more widespread, it was later renamed “the protean self”.

One of the good friends I’ve made along the journey has a similar take on the situation as I do: “Survival of the Fittest”.  In looking at how “misinformation” and “disinformation” are being spun all over the place, like Russia saying that it did NOT attack Ukraine, one has to be sharp, logical, self-knowledgeable, etcetera, to NOT get drawn into one of these “rabbit holes”!  In the household that I grew up in, mis- and disinformation were the same – A LIE!  And let me tell you something, my Dad aka “Big Ike” didn’t like lies …  Imagine a world without lies!!  It sickens me how a “leader” can command soldiers to kill civilians, including women and children, and blow up hospitals, gun down families trying to escape this lunacy, and then have his “mouthpiece”, Serge Lavrov, tell the WORLD that what they see with their own eyes is NOT taking place.

It makes me chuckle sometimes as I see remarks about how corrupt government is.  Most “people” don’t even know why and how let alone where early forms of “government” were established in regards to western civilization.  Governments developed from the feudal system in Europe to protect “citizens” from thieves, murderers, and the like found on the outskirts of fiefs controlled by feudal lords.  The earliest forms of government collected taxes from the serfs and peasants in exchange for protection.  So, now we don’t want government in any form, right?!?  Do we WANT anarchy?  (I bet you’ll say “yes” if you have a few firearms at home.)  Can you say “real savage” with me, perhaps “uncivilized”?  I hope not …

The “protean self” cannot be discovered in books, lectures, classes, or webinars.  The “protean self” is developed by a person who realizes that change is omnipresent, deceit and lies have become manipulative tools for leaders, and one needs to learn and understand human nature.  The future of humanity depends on our ability to navigate through these troubling times!  What say you?  (Feel free to reply on the blog!)


John I. Cook, Director

Thanks for reading!

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