And Just Like That . . .

Happy Friday!  There … I said it!  And I got the “TGIF” for all of us today!  TGIF!!

Sometimes, it becomes tiring to deal with the nonsense and negativity of some humans.  I try not to judge, but to listen to a grown-up yell out disrespectfully while the President of her country is making the “State of the Union” address is so disheartening.  This seems ridiculous even for a high school student!  But here, we have a woman showing her last drop of decency go down the drain …  And some folks in Congress even dare to question the character and background of the President’s recent nomination of Ketanji Brown Jackson for the Supreme Court while sitting next to this buffoon styled moron!  The hypocrisy is horrific, the disrespect is intolerable, yet this type of behavior continues in the People’s House!!

As I matured in life (aka got older!), I realized that just as someone can get caught up in a downward spiral in life, one can also get caught up in the natural uplifting spiral!  That not only raises our own vibrations but … I believe … that “upward spiral” is unlimited.  You see, that spiral is not one based on how much one has “acquired” (money, property, yachts …) in this “man-made world”, but is based on positive vibration!  Have you ever thought about that in making your choices in life?  I mean, it’s only logical or “natural law” that the higher more positive vibration would yield and attract MORE positive vibrations!!  One just has to get on that “frequency”, if you know what I mean.  And just like that …

Those of you who may be new to “EE” should know that the entity also strongly emphasizes the development of “spiritual health”, which is different from “church”.  THIS is an inside job that I usually achieve through meditation.  This is why I often choose NOT to be around the drama-oriented, toxic, and destructive types of humans.  As I often share with my readers, I seek to be the best, most positive, and contributory person that I can be!  Notice … I didn’t say “better than you”!  This is where people get “life” twisted and over-emphasize the competitive nature of the human acquisition of “things”.  This is when people do the unimaginable … like bomb churches, schools, civilian dwellings …  All of that negative energy can only take “you” and humanity DOWN!!

In closing, I would like to “thank” those of us who embraced the intentions of Black History Month.  Yes, and I’m “black” according to society’s color definition 24 hours of EVERY DAY!  THAT’S why I keep my vibration “lifted”!  Try it … you might like it!  A special thanks to friends and foes alike for helping me get here!  The journey continues …


John I. Cook, Director

Thanks for reading!

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