Is It Crazy Enough for You Yet?!?

Happy Friday, Y’all!

We each can find something to be grateful for so join me in a TGIF if you’d be so kind!!  Done!

How are you guys holding up nowadays?!  Is there a new group forming in the States called “American Politicians for Putin”?  The former president is enjoying this presumptive bloodbath and says “I know him very very well, and he’s very smart!”  Can you imagine this?!  Now there are GOP (Republican) members in Congress also criticizing Biden at any and on all points including praising Putin!!  America is about to implode and the authoritarian vultures worldwide are looking for their next bite of the Planet … or what’s left of it!!  Pay close attention if you haven’t already seen it but “the Russian bots” are out … on Facebook spreading fear!!  What a world we live in.  It’s a world in which it is extremely important to “know thyself” … the good and the bad.

At this time in American History, we see several cases involving murders of still more African Americans by vigilantes or law enforcement officials.  I am extremely happy that the three characters who lynched Ahmaud Arbery in broad daylight finally got their rightful punishments – life in prison.  Imagine that at the onset of the flow of information through the police department and the prosecutor’s office, these three bad guys were NOT even going to be charged!  This is from the playbook of “The Old South” in which Ku Klux Klan members are also officers, chiefs, and prosecutors simultaneously.  So, folks of color never had a chance.  These mofos tried again … in broad daylight … and even filmed it themselves … to lynch a human because of his color!!!  A heartfelt sigh of relief must be flowing through Ahmaud’s mother and father.  Ben Crump said referring to the former prosecutor Jackie Johnson, “We’re coming after you next!”  Notice the perseverance and patience REQUIRED of African Americans to get the wheels of justice to churn not to mention in “their” favor.  

Vladimir Putin has taken advantage of how “Americans” are so fragmented – racially, religiously, politically, in regards to the virus, in regards to climate change – that we now have “Americans” cheering for an authoritarian, totalitarian, monstrosity of a dictator.  And imagine after seeing #45 cozy up to Putin like his new whore, so many fools want to blame Biden!!  Prayers for those who stand on the doorstep of death so one creature can have his way …  Peace be still …  I know over half of amerika is not “woke” yet, so I wish you luck sleeping through this nightmare,  Blessings


John I. Cook, Director

ps. Thanks for reading!

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