It’s Hard to Say Anymore . . .

Happy Friday, All!

If you’re up for it, let’s share a moment with a kind thought … about anybody or anything … just make sure it’s kind!  I know it takes practice and discipline, so TGIF!

This month continues highlighting the contributions and accomplishments of African Americans.  Indeed, as a people and community, African Americans have internal issues caused by the use of the “evil institution” of slavery to build the then-new nation’s economy.  While I see perhaps a resurgence of ignorance based on fabricated fears proposed by “non-leaders” or avaricious puppets of greed, I am honored to have known two fine men in my life who passed away this month.  I mentioned my Coach and Athletic director from St. Paul’s School in a recent message.  He was an advocate for “rising above” … that’s what leaders do!  The other gentleman that I wanted to mention who also recently passed away was Manson A. Donaghey, former Principal at White Plains High School where I held my first full-time job teaching social studies for 10 years!  My mother was also a good friend and activist in White Plains who knew and worked with Mr. Donaghey.  She only had positive things to say about this man.  A special thanks to Mr. Tom Painchaud, a classmate from SPS who sent a copy of the obituary …  Peace be still …

Have humans lost the capacity to do or at least say kind things to and about each other and our world in our daily lives?!  It’s like no matter what is being contemplated, considered, or even discussed, many humans don’t seek a solution, but instead, seek a diametrically opposed view to any “give and take” nor attempt to understand the “other side” to arrive at a solution!  What generates that state of mind?  Like Ahmaud Arbery’s father, Marcus Arbery said after listening to comments made by the three accomplices about African Americans and how there were none in his community …  “It’s a sickness to hate someone … and they haven’t even done anything to you!”  There are people who don’t see the mental illness in this type of behavior.  Of course, it’s easy to say, “Why don’t they stop complaining!”?? If your life was and is never threatened because of the color of your skin, you have NO idea of the pressure, ignorance, and downright stupidity that people of color who have successfully dealt with this illness MUST experience!

Just a few days ago in a Bridgewater, NJ mall, two teenagers were having a verbal disagreement until the bigger kid who was a light complexion Hispanic got his flailing hand pushed away from the face of the African American kid.  The bigger white-looking but Hispanic kid (watch the video!) was the aggressor and was controlling the fight until two police officers grabbed the Hispanic kid off of the African American teen to sit him down on the couch.  Then the 8th grade 15-year-old African American was thrown to the floor in the mall, the female officer put her knee on his back, and the male officer (both white) handcuffed the African American teenager while the taller teenager stood over them watching!  You see, this is a situation where the “residue of racism” was imposed upon the African American teenager by the white police officer.  Even the youth filming the viral video commented, ” … it’s because he’s black … racial motive …”.  Some so-called adults can’t even recognize what those teenagers clearly notice!

Obviously, we need more adults to recognize this attitude re-permeating the fabric of American society.  We can see this with former officer Kim Potter who “thought” she had her taser when she killed the young African American male Daunte Wright (RIP).  I am willing to hypothesize that her brain was wired one way while her mouth was making a conflicting statement!!  The Residue of Racist Thinking eventually comes out in one’s behavior … As the officers who aided in the murder of George Floyd get grilled in a civil suit, a juror is asking for “counseling” after hearing the repeated racist, hurtful, and hate-filled statements attributed to the murderous trio that clearly identify that this was a premeditated lynching, murder, and HATE CRIME … of Ahmaud Arbery!!!

In conclusion, it’s really hard to say anymore.  I just hope that the youth of ALL races can recognize the racial storm continually building up in … amerika …  


John I. Cook, Director

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