The Gift of Life

Happy Friday, All!

We here at EE continue honoring descendants and heroes of the African-American slave trade and their contributions … to the world!  So, TGIF with me if you will!  Thank you, kindly!

Our lives indeed are “ours” as the cry for freedom rings out all over the place, including some truckers in Canada.  As we all too often learn … sometimes too late … that we’re all connected on this Planet.  What one does, has an effect on others, often many others!  A long-time friend and former Coach at St. Paul’s School, Concord NH, passed away a few days ago.  He was one such person, though I was under his athletic tutelage for 3 years, who touched my life in ways that have had a lasting effect.  I reiterate that his life of nearly 100 years was a great gift for many of us, including “the brothers from The Red Tails aka Tuskeegee Airmen”, whom he actually fought with in World War II.  One afternoon, in Cocoa Beach, FL, he and Mrs. B. met me for lunch and he gifted me a booklet entitled: “Rising Above” (Lessons Learned from the Legendary TUSKEGEE AIRMEN).  I still have it … signed by him … Peace be still …

We could look at our lives as a “gift” for ourselves and perhaps someone else, rather than as something we actually earned whose “freedoms” we must fight for at every turn.  But here is where it gets tricky.  How far do we take these freedoms?  Now, it should be clear to any human being that no one has the right to “own” another human being, already equipped with a mind, body, and soul!  I can honestly say that at this time in my life, I feel “the present”.  I know it sounds cliche but I am learning to live in every moment and appreciate the gifts along my journey.  These gifts seem to be all “karma” related as I always try to put my best foot forward when I am clearly cognizant of the repercussions of my actions.  Do we need so much freedom that we grind the human civilization to a halt because we want more “fabricated freedom”, to just say “no” … because we can?!?  Read up on what former African American slavery was like … just to wet your whistle.

On the personal side, I have started a regular workout routine for 2 months now.  I’m consuming more fruits and vegetables …  I take time when I wake up in the mornings now that I don’t have any place to run to at 9 or 10 am.  I can roll over, sit up, lay back down, stretch out for REAL … taking all the time I want.  I still always wake up early for a Curcuma/ginger tea or fresh smoothie (batido as they are called here).  If it’s Monday, Wednesday, or Friday, I get to the gym facility across town by nine.  If it’s Tuesday or Thursday, I make it a point to get to this enormous surf beach in Cocles in the morning, place my beach chair in the shade, and meditate on the natural sounds … or my smooth jazz music.  Now that I have transportation on my City Coco Electric bike, I no longer carry my cane as it can be a bit cumbersome during errands.  A lot of progress is being slowly made … with no surgery necessary …  So, I am good!  I am at peace with the universe in general.

As we go through our lives each day, make an effort NOT to be obstinate … just because you can!  (Keep in mind this Black History Month, everyone cannot be obstinate … just because!  #TrayvonMartin #ErikGarner … and the list has continued of unarmed African Americans being killed … no effin’ freedom … in the streets of the land of the free, home of the brave …)  While attempting to get rid of the hideous electoral college in the States, maybe we can change the wording of that motto … or … choose to live up to it!

Have a great weekend and thank you for reading!


John I. Cook, Director

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