The Residue of Racism

Happy Friday, one and all! I think that we need a TGIF right about now!  What a week in national and international affairs!! TGIF, first!  Done!!

I’m an African American male born in the State of New York, USA … circa 1954 during the height of the Civil Rights Movement.  I saw things like the assassination of former Pres. John F. Kennedy,  the Watts Riots in California …  the rise of the Black Panthers, Angela Davis, Bobby Seale, etcetera.  Now, I am one of those people that pays attention as to how people behave including myself.  One type of person that I prefer not to deal with is a liar!!  Now, I owe that to my Dad, “Big Ike”.  We had a family … why would one family member LIE to another one?!?  He didn’t tolerate that … and neither do I!!  That type of behavior is unbecoming of an adult … toxic behavior results … families fall apart while others are destroyed by selfish toxic individual family members …

So, it’s “Black History Month”, a month to highlight the contributions of African Americans to the world … and in particular, formerly enslaved Africans who helped to build America … for FREE!  After “The Reign of Ignorance and Hatred” personified by #45, America continues to fall from its “position” as a role model for democracy and a champion of human integrity …  There was once what was called “minority groups” in America that many other Americans wanted to see equally included and represented in the USA.  After #45 who successfully stoked racial and religious separation and hatred, we have arrived at a “u-turn” in human history …  Tensions have arisen once again between the nations that consider themselves “world powers” and the citizens of the USA are finding themselves fighting each other like “crabs in a barrel”!  From grace to disgrace!!  I am convinced that the FACT that the land called the United States of America was TAKEN from the Natives already here, their culture (Native Americans) was trashed in the name of “modernization and progress”, and an image of a nation was created on the backs of enslaved Africans … the inhabitants of this land owe a spiritual debt.  (The same weapons used to subjugate the native inhabitants are being used to destroy the current “nation”)

Now, as the nation attempts to celebrate “Black History Month”, we can see all types of lies being disseminated regarding, for example, nominating the first African American woman to sit on the Supreme Court of The United States of America.  The backlash and racism, hatred and envy of a person not even named yet are insidious!  African Americans who have managed to utilize the capitalistic democracy in order to survive and raise offspring KNOW that WE have to be twice as good … because of the color of our skin … in the United States …. and elsewhere.  So, now that I am twice as good, retired, and seeking peace … show some respect!!  If not, keep it moving!!  People who are subject to racist practices have the residue in their lives.  And as well, people who are victims of that residue, have to handle that hatred and rejection that they may have experienced.  In America today, thanks to #45 and his incessant pillage into American capitalism, the country appears to be courting “Civil War 2.0”!!  How intelligent … NOT.  Maybe we will have World War III first!!  All of that signals “the further decline of the human kind” … Peace be still!

If the whole world is destroyed, nobody “wins” as we have been conditioned to believe in the grimy game of capitalism – either you win or you lose.  So-called “civilized” humans have learned to value paper money and the power humans have given it more than the very air we need to breathe, the water that we need to drink … and the Planet that we live on!  People, how many times do we have to hear musicians sing “We Are One!” and “Come Together!” until we get it?!?  Respect Black History Month in the USA!  


John I. Cook, Director

ps. Thank you for reading!

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