The Hopeless Plight of a Bully

Happy Friday, All!

Maybe you’ve time for a TGIF with me, eh?  Then, TGIF, Baby!

Straight-out questions:  How do you feel about a person who clearly bullies others in an attempt to create an image, perhaps?  How do you feel about the person(s) being bullied?  Do you even care?  Perhaps, unless “you” are the one being bullied?  Have you ever tried to bully someone?  Do you know why??  Yes, it’s a hell of a topic!

A bully is a “person” who has low self-esteem and probably less talent or skills.  A bully is a parasite that preys on the weak.  One thing that the average teacher has witnessed is the hopeless plight of the bully!  Personally, I detest bullies … those who would rather go around trying to put others down, so to speak, so that “it” … the bully … has moments of joy as it watches its victim cringe in discomfort …  In my career as a classroom teacher/learning manager, I’ve had to deal with a few bullies.  It seems that they resort to this behavior because they are hiding something that they MUST come to grips with in order to be mentally, spiritually, and humanly healthy!  Bullies can be some serious creeps who have the talent of convincing other lost souls to follow and believe in “them” and not believe in themselves!  What a problem(s) these predators can cause.

Once we can agree on what a “bully” is, we can either decrease their relevance or simply ignore them and keep them out of positions of importance and out of our/your lives! Power is the drug used by the bully.  The bully first convinces its subjects (yes, objects of bullies are usually weak and ignorant people) that they need “it”…  A bully can be a woman or a man, a sibling, aunt, or boss.  Sometimes, they are just people “off of the street” looking for a weak link.  KNOW who you are so that you can protect and defend yourself.  Sometimes in my life due to my desire for PEACE, some people actually think that I am weak!  I’m cool but far from weak.  I have conditioned myself both mentally and physically so that I do NOT fly off of my handle.  I have wreaked havoc and destruction when I just fly off!!  (I decided that I don’t want to be remembered for that!)  I give the person trying to bully me a chance to see that “I am not of their world” full of bs and fear!!  I was in fourth grade at Rochambeau Elementary School the first time I stood up to a bully …   It was a black kid just like me! I haven’t stopped standing up to those fools yet … black, white, or in between!  In whatever manner a bully approaches me, it better come at me strong … ’cause I’m ready!  I said it … cool yet READY!  A simple lesson in self-esteem.  A hard one to learn but a lesson that one should learn.

Again, I’d like to thank the readers and remind you that I am peace and love, an anti-racist, a social activist, and a learning facilitator.  Trust me, I have been there, done that, got the t-shirt and I’m still here to tell my story!  Thank you “universe” … I really do love you!!


John I. Cook, Director

ps – Thank you for reading …

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