Gratitude Is . . .

Happy Friday, I say to each of you! We have so much more to be grateful for than we are often willing to admit.  It’s that “ego” thing (easing God out) that has us, humans, in competition with God.  As for me, TGIF!!  What sayeth you?!?

Well, the racial underbelly of the fabric of American society reared its ugly head again .. this time at a synagogue in Texas, Colleyville to be exact.  The Congregation Beth Israel synagogue was the scene of a ten-hour standoff last weekend caused by a British Asian.  This misdirected Muslim chose that synagogue because of its proximity to a prison where a convicted female Muslim terrorist is being held.  So, this character seemed to come from England to the USA to die at the hands of the FBI.  The tangled web of racial tensions and disinformation have entrapped yet another seemingly feeble-minded human …  Peace be still …  I argue again that the racial hatred being displayed not only in the States but worldwide was created … again by “man” (humans ourselves).  As “he” sought to use race as a determinant in a hierarchy of power associated with imperialism, colonialism again, which seems to omit the Native American existence altogether, and the expansion of capitalism, “race” has become a determining factor in “who” is attacked, by whom and why!  Now understand that the attackers choose senior citizen Asians in San Francisco or NYC, not any Asians at a gym or martial arts studio …

Interestingly sad as well, one of the survivors of the botched hostage situation had taken a course offered by the Anti Defamation League and/or FBI that he, Jeffrey Cohen, said he credits for helping to save his life.  One of the other four survivors had only one thing to say … “I am so grateful, I’m just so grateful …”  Imagine …  Mr. Cohen said he believes that Akram, the attacker, was mentally ill as his family mentioned in an apology to the hostages.  He added that he did not think Akram was “your typical attacker” who wanted to kill Jewish people but that he had “bought into these tropes.”  This is another indication of how closely tied mental illness is to racism.

In closing, I wanted to mention how difficult it is to watch the American political system fail the actual people that it was designed to serve.  Watching these suit-wearing law school-educated buffoons argue and bicker like children while they line their pockets with money from the lobbyist(s) is so disheartening in one of the last strongholds of democracy in the world.  So, help spread the good news, encourage people to vote, don’t allow yourself to be complicit in that low-level racist behavior!  Blessings!


John I. Cook, Director

ps. Thanks for reading!

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