A Quick Take of the Inside

Happy Friday, yeah, yeah, yeahh!  Can I interest youse in a hearty TGIF!?  Okay, then … Hit it!  TGIF!

How often do “we” consider the way another person might be feeling?  Maybe wonder what kind of day they may have had?  Not too often, right?!  The “dog eat dog” rat race that we often find ourselves in is usually not conducive to one’s ability to “feel for others”!  In our world communities where capitalism has taken root, there is little or no time to “think about others”.  Capitalism is a selfish game.  (Consider how much MORE profits have been made by members of that “1%” if you will, during the pandemic!)  It seems that, once again, there are “problems” with getting vaccines to many members of the South African countries.  It has been called an “apartheid” approach to getting poorer countries there vaccinated.

I wanted to mention something about myself that may help you understand “my” point of view based on my experiences as an African American male.  I’ve had racially prejudiced people actually get in my face with the biggest bunch of malarkey ever.  They don’t understand that I not only “know myself” better than they could EVER know me, I know them better than they know themselves!  I’ve been “the only chocolate chip” in the cookie MANY times.  I can sniff out a racist person in seconds by listening to their words as they address me!  Once, I was invited to an “educational” meeting, so I was told, and I was the only chocolate chip in the cookie there.  So, within minutes, the hostess made a corny assed statement like, “John, are you over there somewhere?  We can’t see you!  Smile more!”  No one laughed and there was a brief silence from those who overheard the hostess’s remark!  Needless to say, in my four years here, I have NEVER gone back to that “educational” meeting.  My point?!?  I am a hopeless romantic about life … my life … even yours!  I think “we” can overcome whatever obstacles that we face together!  Please stop letting the greedy corrupt leaders worldwide DIVIDE us by religion, sexual persuasion, skin color, or culture.  We are playing into the “1%”‘s hands!!

Let me introduce a quick lesson in closing.  Here in Costa Rica, I was teaching an American History portion of the GED exam to prepare a small group of homeschooled students for the test.  I was recounting the story of Emmett Till to them, the young African American child who was shot in the back of his head by several white men after being dragged from someone’s home, beaten, and mutilated by gouging his eyes out.  Who does that?!?  Can you say a mentally ill person?!?  As I was telling them the story, my eyes welled up and I asked to be excused for a minute or two.  Young Emmett was killed in Mississippi in 1955 and … his mother requested that his casket be opened in October 2020 so that the world could see “what they did to my baby”.  All of this took place after a white woman who later recanted her story said that 15-year-old Emmett “flirted with or whistled at her” – Mrs. Bryant.  “Oh, what a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive.”  Fast forward to Louisville, KY … a Kroeger’s store where people are shopping in 2018.  Gregory Alan Bush approached an African American man from behind who was walking down an aisle holding a black child’s hand.  Unbeknownst to the shopper, Bush rapidly approached, pressed a pistol to the back of his head, and fired!  Again, who does that?!?  As he was led away after shooting an unsuspecting African American woman, Bush yelled: “Dylan Roof!”  (Note:  Do your homework before having a conversation about my thoughts …)

What I am doing here is seeking to plant seeds of competent leadership in the youth of our world.  Yes, I know it’s a tough job … but someone caring and loving HAS to do it!  Join me!


John I. Cook, Director

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