“Shyft Happens!”

Is it Friday, yet?!?  Has it been a long week or what?!?  Do you still have a “TGIF” somewhere deep down inside?  TGIF, then!!

Can you say “Shift Happens”?!?  Do you know what that means or insinuates?  Well, I don’t know either but it’s something that you can feel …  Have you felt anything lately?  Or are you just numb like many of us from all of the lies, misinformation, disinformation, and hideous “human” behavior?  Imagine trying to literally cover up the truth about what you can see with your own eyes … like … a seventeen-year-old white kid marching down a city street in the USA with a long gun … and he waves to the police who are in an armored vehicle … and the police do NOTHING!  “He was protecting the peace …” … yeah, right!!  How about training your eyes to see an African American man jogging through a neighborhood unarmed until being converged upon by three white men all carrying (and shooting!) firearms?  “Why didn’t they call the police?”  Had enough yet?!?  It’s long overdue for a “shift”!  Can you feel it?  At this point, there is only ONE SIDE – HUMANITY!

When I first arrived in Costa Rica nearly 4 years ago come Christmas, I was looking for a place to finish my third book, work on taking care of my arthritis in my hips and allay any concerns about cancerous tumors that might be in this body.  I was open to options other than a senior citizen’s lifestyle stateside with all of the doctor’s appointments, co-pays, overpays, and just plain old “robbery”!  The lifestyle that I saw horrified me!  The stress that I was feeling being a constantly monitored “black man” in a country with hate and guns oozing out of the seams was insurmountable …  “Something’s bound to happen out here!”  It was happening over and over … the murders of unarmed black men across the united states of america …  Did I want to become another statistic like Eric Garner in NYC?  Then it came to me  …  “I’ve got to get out of here!!”

Okay, so since I’ve been here, I’ve noticed people working on the “shift” and coming to grips with outdated attitudes and behavior.  Did you think that something as wrong as “slavery” would last forever?!?  Would “you” like to be the slave this time … or … should we just put a STOP to racial and other forms of discrimination and prejudice?!?  I can’t hear you?!  I see even Elon Musk is ready to give up some of that money that he doesn’t even know what to do with to help save the planet!!!  There are other private citizens with money as well as world-renowned billionaires looking to invest in this shift.  The shift moves us from a level of “greed” to a level of heightened responsibility for the planet we live on.  It involves changing the focus from a world dependent on fossil fuels to one that is able and ready to function using solar, wind, even water-powered energy!

So, if you are “feeling” it, go with the flow …  Change those hate-filled, fear fostered attitudes and behaviors for a world in which we can all get along with respect for one another and planet Earth!  Who knows with clarity what’s beyond!  Embrace the love we already have and heighten it.  Practice respect and collaboration as we pull humanity from destruction’s door!  Rise up, raise our vibrations.  Let’s be the change …


John I. Cook, Director

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