Over and Over … Until …

Happy Friday, Y’all!

Give it up for our Creator!!  TGIF, then!

It’s been another week of international drama, so, how are you all holding up?  Pretty well, I’m hoping.  So, the USA is once again “toying” with the debt ceiling and all of the well-off Congressional representatives get to decide what “we .. the people” deserve in some of the most challenging times the world has ever witnessed!  Do “we” really want to see or hear “Mushmouth” Mitch McConnell offer some alternatives for “the people” to consider as the deadline for raising the debt ceiling approaches?!?

Some of you may remember how I challenge people to consider racism as a mental illness … self-induced, at that.  I know some folks think that people should stop complaining about racism and its negative influences on human beings.  I think NOT …  Maybe “people” should cut that insane crap out.  Can anyone believe that a contractor can wake up every morning and go to a job where racial slurs are written on the restroom stalls and walls, where hideous drawings of black children are scrawled in plain sight!?  What is the reason for this type of behavior … IN the workplace, not to mention outside?  Perhaps then in the next breath, the culprit may utter a common stereotype that “… they are ALL lazy and don’t want to work anyway …”!?!  Are you crazy?!?  Not only did it take 4 years for Mr. Owen Diaz and his relentless attorney to close the case in which a jury awarded him $137 million for nearly a year in hell at Tesla’s work environment in California, but the word on the street is that MORE suits are being filed for the EXACT SAME REASON!!  The Tesla employees who engage(d) in this type of behavior are crazy if they think this crap is cool!!

As I watched some programs highlighting the slow down in the commercial supply chain showing the many containers in ports as well as the cue of cargo/freight ships streaming from international ports out into the planet’s seas and oceans, I felt pretty helpless.  Maybe we need to change the way “we” do things on the planet.  With additional earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, what do we think will happen next?!?  Or, can we think that far in advance?  Maybe a few more oil spills to cover more wildlife and contaminate the planet’s oceans might catch our attention.  Or maybe as some of the world’s most corrupt leaders say, “There’s nothing to see here!”

Keep in mind. please, we each can make up our minds, should there be such a thing anymore.  Are we going to be held accountable and responsible for our actions?  Or will we continue to demonstrate only greed and disrespect as we claw our way to the imaginary top?!  What about Mark Zuckerburg and Big Tech’s responsibility to the mental health of their customers  … or do we allow the greed to overshadow their responsibility?  Try telling that to parents of teens suffering from anorexia or those parents whose children committed suicide due to cyberbullying!  Trust me I know there’s a tough world out there, but if we help to remedy these ills, our grandchildren may inhabit a better planet …

Okay, so now that I’ve attempted to clarify how for me, racism is a mental illness employed by greedy, selfish, irresponsible low self-esteemed people let’s take a look at the position that the Pope is in regarding centuries of child abuse by some of the Church’s leadership and affiliates!!  Oh no … that’s a whole ‘nother topic in itself!!  Yet, let’s not forget what Asian Americans, not to mention Native Americans, have experienced at the relentless claws of racism.  I think the young people get it, but the outgoing generation has problems releasing the world leadership to them!!  It’s almost like the outgoing crew doesn’t want to let go of their imaginary power!!  Let’s hope that they do still care!!  Young people, ask your parents and grandparents what kind of planet they want to leave for you.  Hold them accountable … NOW!


John I. Cook, Director

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