Roll With It . . . Sometimes!

Happy Friday, TGIF, it’s Friday and … “all that is good on Friday”!  Especially us!!

Okay, so … I know I talk a lot about a lot of stuff … yeah … “that’s what I do” … I try to write down the thoughts in my head as I’m traveling.  I try to record what I see and feel into words.  If I want to comment, I usually try to make it positive.  If not and I point out something in myself and/or “the world” we live in … something maybe not so nice, I also try to offer up a bit of motivation – take it or not – to make us healthier spiritually, perhaps.  Maybe even suggest some options.  Now, I see in today’s politics worldwide, so-called leaders point their bloody fingers at each other.  They simultaneously gorge themselves on their drug of choice – power – and seek to hurt anyone or thing that gets in the way of their acquisition of this drug for them.  They forget that they are supposed to be working for the good of humanity as these same leaders juggle different political systems to their advantage! 

I can’t sit and watch.  So I dig a trench somewhere safe and peaceful nowadays and offer tidbits of strength, hope, and love.  Is that bad?!  It helps me remain enlightened and positive. Maybe unnecessary for some.  The choice is each individual’s option, I respect and cherish that for myself, too!  Maybe you can find something good in it because I am NOT trying to demoralize anyone!  Please don’t forget that.  I’ve been hurt before like most “unentitled” individuals, disrespected, taken advantage of for various reasons (including being stupid or ignorant, if you will), and talked about by people worse than me.  I admit the errors of my ways, offer apologies when necessary, stand tall in my beliefs and get on to the next part of my journey!

This is one of those “That’s what I do!” messages a la Kevin Hart.  I don’t belong to a gang or anything, I don’t capitalize from low-level/energy activities … I worked ALL MY LIFE for a living!  In other words, I was raised by two morally sound people who worked every day for themselves, our family, the community and city they lived in … and also to the world with their positive energy and humble hearts.  Now, I am not looking for any handouts … Yet, I don’t plan to be thwarted or “eff-ed with” while I carry on with my life’s goals and dreams and balanced ambitions.  I come from a work-based background and seek to live that way helping others when I can!  So while I roll with some things, I don’t tolerate ANY disrespect nor “bs”.  A person should know where I am coming from if they find themselves with me at any point in their interactions.  Of course, I know that comes with familiarity with each other.

I am sure we have ALL had moments when we had been pushing so hard to achieve a goal, and, no matter what we tried could not make much if any progress.  It’s at points like these when we may need to re-evaluate our goals and determine if it (the goal) is something important and integral to our lives!  I don’t have the answers for anyone.  Yet, I do believe that if we EACH employ a very humble task of getting to know ourselves aka “Know Thyself”, we will find our own answers.  So as a humanitarian with an educational background in social science as well as an acute interest in making our world and existence a better place to be, I come to you!

Have a great day and a wonderful weekend!


John I. Cook, Director

ps. Get the books, please! You might enjoy them or know someone who will! (From the Projects to Princeton, Three Strikes, You’re Out! and Cooking With Life; Cookbooks I, II & III, respectively!)

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