What in the WORD?!?

Happy Friday, y’all … I’m just wondering about Kabul, Afghanistan … scary stuff!!  I am grateful to be HERE this Friday … So, TGIF if we might.

In case you’re wondering about the title, no … I didn’t misspell “world”.  I meant to write “word”!  It’s very important how we use words to describe ourselves and our environs.  I think back to a course that I facilitated at a community college in Ft. Lauderdale called personal development.  The goal of the course was to help students learn how to set life goals as well as the plans to achieve those goals.  One part of the course focused on concepts like visualization and affirmations.  My job was to demonstrate with the input of the students how the words we use shape our perceptions of the world we live in as well as the perceptions of ourselves.  So, even I learned the importance of selecting words to describe things, events, or feelings that we may have that literally lift us up.  There is power in the words we choose to use.

As I listened to the current leader of the USA speak yesterday while he described the core problem of nation-building in Afghanistan, my thoughts came together.  He described the problem as a “long history of tribes” inhabiting a common land and have NEVER gotten along!  There must be something in the words that are used to keep humans fighting each other for centuries!  As he spoke, he highlighted examples of “nations” like Germany or France that had the core ingredient of nation-building in their history:  they shared a common language and wanted to “get along” while protecting their inhabitants.

There was a business commercial I saw that highlighted the words of the CEO of Whole Foods.  He said that our language today is purely adversarial, that we use words that dictate a conflict, often fatal, amongst humans.  We use words to incite violence, separation, and hostilities rather than words that also focus on helping and including ALL people and solutions to save our world!  His point was that while “business” involves competition, we should never forget that business dealings MUST be based on integrity and foster the health and continuation of human civilization … or NOT!!  Choose wisely!  Choose the words you use wisely, too!

So keep in mind as we communicate with each other daily that the words we use affect our interactions and ultimately humanity.  Are we humans really as smart as we claim to be?!  As I look at that hell-like drama unfolding near Kabul and Afghanistan, my heart aches for the children … as well as the females …   Unfortunately, I saw remnants of what occurred at the US Capitol on January 6th, 2021.  Peace be still …

Have a great weekend!  Share and spread “the love” worldwide.


John I. Cook, Director

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