The Bottom Line Is . . .

It’s another fine Friday if you’re marking time!  I’ve got a “TGIF”, I’d like to share!  So T.G.I.F. then, Y’all.  Keep ’em comin’ ’cause we got this!!

So, in retrospect, I’d like to mention my boarding school basketball coach, Maurice “Bud” Blake, who had his 97th birthday on August 6th.  This Guy has a history of his own.  He has shared stories and episodes of “The Red Tails”, the famous all black air squadron of World War II.  According to his accounts, as well as those accounts that I’ve read, the US Military benefited tremendously from the efforts of this air squadron whom many historians suggest changed the tide of World War II.  He’s still quite a grand guy at 97!!  Blessings, Sir!

My message from last week was inaccurate in regards to the name of the Covid 19 test needed to leave Costa Rican airports.  It is the antigen test.  One of my college classmates, “Doc” Kevin Hepler, broke it down for me in a personal e-mail.  Thanks “Doc”!  And so you readers know, you can reply to the blog post by going to: Feel free to reply by e-mail or on the blog of Educational Excellence.

Now, it’s time for a plug on the third cookbook, “Cookin’ With Life!”.  It is truly an adventure in self-publishing.  While I didn’t master the software for spacing between chapters, I was able to pull off a novice effort!  It even looks good in paperback considering the other small concerns!  Here is a huge thank you to those who purchased copies both in e-book and paperback.  Remember, it’s the message that I’m promoting more so than myself!!  You may come in to contact with someone like the main character! It’s worth the read.

Cooking With Life!: Cookbook III

The bottom line is that I care about humanity, my family and yours, where we’re going and how we’re going to get there!!  Spreading love and connecting the dots is my mission!  What’s yours?!?


John I. Cook, Director

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