In Retrospect … Decompress

Happy Friday again, Y’all!  And as if we know the drill, let’s do a “TGIF” together!!  Done deal!

So, it’s a bit more than a week since I’ve been back here looking at the experiences I had over the past month.  Traveling is a lot more complicated, especially if you are traveling internationally.  There is the requirement to leave Costa Rica which is to successfully pass a Covid19 exam.  Another option is to produce the results of an antigen exam … or something like that.  I not only got two Pfizer vaccinations before leaving Puerto Viejo to travel to Ft. Lauderdale, but I got one in Broward County at a CVS Pharmacy.  It was made by Moderna.  It’s quite a quagmire when you see people who will eat anything … I mean ANYTHING like a chicken mcnugget … and not question its content.  But when you are given the option to take a vaccination that may reduce the level of illness even avoid death, you suddenly become “holier than thou” with the “this is my body” routine or the “I have the right to …”! battle cry!  “Selective Ignorance” strikes again!!

Well at this stage of my life, I don’t listen to “ignoramuses” let alone the folks who just look for something to disagree with me about.  It seems that they may feel stronger, though appearing stupider while fending off science and statistics!  Ask Gov. Ron DeSantis … he plays that “selective ignorance” role well!  I wanted to see my little extended family in Connecticut and I did!!  It was worth it and I still feel great!!  We made memories together – Ayanna, Caleb, and me … and we even shared a few tears together … Peace be still!  Isaac and Mary were “there” with us in spirit as we sat near their graves and cleaned them off a bit!  Shucks, my memory was jogged when I laid eyes upon the head plate of my grandmother, Mattie Cook.  My Dad had moved her from the sticks in North Florida to a rooming house right across the street from #135 South Lexington Ave. apartment 5A in White Plains, NY!  It was then when I realized where I got this “love for my mother” thing!!  I got it from my Dad – Isaac Henry Cook!!  I mean, who moves their Mother from Florida to New York so “he can keep an eye on her”?!

Well through the years and the tears, I got my chance to pass on the heritage of my purported “half breed” grandmother (I never met Grandpa Robert Cook); my Mother and Father (Mary and Ike); as well as a chance for a “shout out” to my oldest sister, Barbara Ann (RIP).  So, now these guys have been passed on this branch of the Family Tree!  “We Are One” human Family!!


John I. Cook

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