Believe . . . In Each Other

Happy Friday, Y’all!  We pulled another week off in spite of the negativity out here, so … TGIF!!

Yeah, so … I was writing from my daughter’s living room this past Wednesday morning because I will be in Ft. Lauderdale Friday morning organizing my trip back to Costa Rica … Puerto Viejo to be exact .. at my good friend  “Ace’s” place!  As I look back on my own personal story, I can clearly see … and acknowledge my mistakes.  That’s what I want to say right now.  I’ve made my own mistakes.  I see others around me (and world-wide, too!) who are still making their own mistakes that affect many other people.  Yet, it seems that “we” don’t want to acknowledge that our selfishness, greed, and actual stupidity is affecting the entire planet!  

Our “leaders” don’t want to acknowledge that global warming and climate change are actually occurring and they make “more money” while simultaneously destroying the Earth!  So, are they – the leaders – actually leading us into a gloom and doom type of mass destruction while ignoring the entire climate crisis?!?  I mean, the million- and billionaires have made more money than ever during the “pandemic” which many humans don’t even believe is actually happening!  Really?!?  It’s like …  those pieces of paper that get thrown around the planet are more important than the actual planet and the people who inhabit it!  If I were a conspiracy theorist, I would speculate that the “leaders” are in cahoots with the billionaires – if not actually are one and the same – to keep humans frightened into a state of compliance with whatever they tell us?!  Don’t make me say it ’cause that’s what it looks like to me!!!

Okay, so I’ll climb down off of my soapbox just long enough to confess, though if you know me, that I’ve had truckloads of trouble in my life.  If you don’t believe me, check out any of the three books that I have put together which show the many challenges that I’ve experienced (some even self inflicted while I tried to cope with other challenges like poverty, discrimination, and racism, not to mention health issues), in particular in the latest book “Cooking With Life! Cook Book III”:  I’m just trying to explain how an increased awareness of spirituality got me through some tough times.  As I was able to visit my only child and her son this past week, with A LOT of help from my friends … whom I believe in, but more importantly those who believe in me … I am convinced that  it is due to that mutual belief in each other and a power greater than ALL of us that made good things happen.  I mean, I hadn’t even planned to fly up there to Connecticut … yet it happened … like a miracle!  Try it … you just might like believing in yourself and others.

In the meantime, have a great weekend, and believe!!


John I. Cook, Director

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