Take The Bitter With The Sweetness!

Happy Fridaaay, Y’all!

How are we holding up?!?  Can we show some gratitude in our attitude with a TGIF?  Then, hit it!  TGIF!  Thanks!!

This past week has been quite a “wonderful world wind” for the most part.  The plans I had made to come back Stateside have been going well … almost better than I expected!  The airport entrance activity was a bit awkward in San Jose since when I got on line with Spirit, a staff person immediately asked me if I had my Covid 19 test results.  I told her that I had heard that the test could be taken at the airport a few hours before my flight.  So, I asked where and was instructed that “all would be taken care of” before my flight!  It was true.  I took a short bus ride at the airport to a “mobile clinic” type set up where a sample was taken after I had paid $65.00 using my bank card.  By the time I had gotten back to the airport in San Jose 45 minutes later, the test results had arrived in my e-mail.  It was negative!!  I got on line for Spirit and the rest was typical airport stuff.  You know, the departure gate got moved twice and finally, the plane was two hours late.  “Welcome to Spirit Airlines, Ladies and Gentlemen!”

One of the reasons I was excited to come back for a few weeks was to purchase paperback copies of my book which I need to complete this morning.  My good friend, Johnny Ace, is willing to take me to the bank first to clarify the functions of my new debit card which hasn’t allowed me to purchase my OWN BOOKS!  I’m like: “Whaaaat?”  It worked at Walmart … so … I decided to read the reasons for the declined payments.  It said: “If you continue to have problems with your purchase, you need to go to your bank as we cannot disclose the reasons.”  I am looking forward to getting THIS taken care of first.  Then, we had planned to go to my mailbox at the Main Post Office in Ft. Lauderdale where I have had a box for more than 10 years.  So, hopefully one can see the importance of solid friendships.

In all, I am still learning to take ALL things into consideration when reviewing my life and the genuine friendships coupled with everpresent challenges of misunderstandings and mind games, if you will!  Try not to let life get you “down” because some people “don’t treat you right”!  I try not to worry much because the only person(s) one can change is ones self.  Believe it or not!!

As I continue this somewhat “divine” trip, I look forward to keeping my goals front and center as well as being grateful for the many things that come my way.  I won’t waste much time on who doesn’t like me or who doesn’t understand me.  Besides, I will never forget my accomplishments and the wonderful people who made those things possible!  Enjoy your day and the weekend … wherever you are!!  Know thyself …


John I. Cook, Director

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