I Wanna Thank You . . . (Fly On, Baby!)

Happy Friday, All!  Yep, you bet we got another week under our “spiritual” belts!  TGIF, then!!

In moments when you feel like something far greater than oneself has taken the reins of your life, spread your wings and fly!!  Don’t ask why … just FLY, Baby! Well, Monday coming July 12th, I will be doing just that … flying to Ft. Lauderdale to handle some business and visit some great friends.  And as the quantum field coupled with the cosmos has provided, I will be flying on to Hartford, CT where my Only Child will pick me up from the airport there and stay a week with her and my grandson, Caleb Isaac!!!  Can you say, “Fly on, Baby!!  Fly on!”?  My response is, “I Wanna Thank You …”!  

So yesterday, I got my second and last partial placed in my lower jaw!!  I mean, this was another “impromptu” project that fell in my lap when my $600 post and crown fell out of the front of my mouth and in to the toilet!!  Yep, that’s what happened … no sh@t, Sherlock!  So when I went to visit the dentist here in Puerto and asked if he could replace it, he smiled and said, “I can replace most of them using bridge and partial technology.”  I agreed!  Now, both the top  as well as the bottom jaw have been completed!!  “I Wanna Thank You!” 

While I haven’t “sold” many books yet, I still have a feeling of accomplishment for completing a more than five year project.  I would like to continue my journey here in Costa Rica, maybe even visit some natural springs or view a volcano … from a distance!  Needless to say, improving my health, both mental and physical, remain at the top of my “projects” list.  Drinking curcuma tea with the ginger base each day as well as some “Noni Juice” (cold pressed) which I take a few teaspoons of each day is a must.  The “full spectrum” CBD oil, if you will, is still a part of my daily natural supplements, too.  Keeping my health “front and center” is a main goal for me.

I hadn’t heard back from a long time recipient of the blog/newsletter, Coach Blake from New Hampshire.  So, I reached out to a few of the guys who graduated from St. Paul’s who live near him and touch base with him often.  The guys mentioned that they receive my e-mails and that Coach is okay, yet struggling with some vision issues in his mid-90’s!!  They all said, “He’s still sharp mentally and enjoys a phone call or two from folks as reading and replying to e-mails has become difficult!”  I’m going to give him a call when I get back Stateside.  He would often respond to my e-mail messages honestly and with his ageless experiences and let me know just how he felt about a topic!!  He was a big part of my positive experiences at the boarding school where he served as the athletic director and head coach of American football, lacrosse, basketball and other teams!  Thanks again Carl, Bill, Art and the rest of the guys.  We love you, Coach Blake!

Incase you would like to help with my “grassroots” effort to market my book, visit the link, browse, buy, and share a copy of “Cooking With Life!” with your friends, family and loved ones!  Click on: https://www.amazon.com/Cooking-Life-Cookbook-John-Cook-ebook/dp/B08Z7FRKCX/ref=sr_1_6?dchild=1&keywords=cooking%20with%20life%20cook%20book%20iii&qid=1621607433&sr=8-6&fbclid=IwAR3z9QZfQT6KhKedNnz41kMeb0asMPGcAJkiP90OOKH_ZGFkg2_PT1y6AmM

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Thanks for  reading, sharing and caring!  Have a great weekend!


John I. Cook, Director

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