“All That Glitters Ain’t Gold!”

Happy Fridaaaay, Y’all!  I hope you got a look at the Full Moon this past week!  So, TGIF with me then!!  Okay, that was cool!

We’ve all heard that expression before, right?!?  Every fancy, shiny, glittering … maybe even “beautiful” object is NOT what it seems!!  Can you say “over rated”?  Life is full of “tests and failures”.  Yet, once YOU figure out who YOU are, things go better for guess who … you bet … YOU!  Now this life is not a competition thing as some foolhardy folks focus their time … yes THEIR time … not mine or yours … on criticizing who YOU are rather than tightening up their own activities!  Those are the people with “too much time on their hands”!  They pretend that they are perfect as they criticize others while they tout some religious or spiritual affinity!  (THEY will never tell you that they work … maybe part time … for the devil!)

There’s another anecdote that I remember from my days “growing up” is that “what one does in the dark will come out in the light”!  Pretty cool, too!  Now THAT particular anecdote is for those who think that they are so “superior” or “intelligent” that they can fool Y.O.U.!  Who wants a friend that tries to “fool you” and convince you to do something that is not in ones best interest?!?  Not me!  There is wisdom to be learned from “following other people’s advice”:  “Be yourself because you are YOU!!”  Now, there are folks out there who try to tell “me” how to be “me”!!  Isn’t that funny?!?  Those kind of people are jealous of you or me and our “lifestyle” and actually wish others “ill”.  My father used to tell me that when I was growing up in “The Projects”.  I am glad that I started so young and had such a great teacher!  Thank you, Dad! (RIP, my Man!)

When I decided to try to stick it out here in Costa Rica, I established some goals.  The first one which took me on this leg of my “journey” was to finish my third book.  Now, there were folks who didn’t know (nor care!) about the first and second books!  So, “the haters” were surprised and of course, those who didn’t want to “accept who I am” decided that now is the time to criticize MY BOOKS!!  Of course, they haven’t written any books and probably have a hard time forming a good paragraph.  I would sometimes mention to folks that “I would rather tell my own story” than have some hater running around trying to describe my life to their liking.  Oh … hell no!  Don’t make me say it!!  I’ll just write it.  My health was the third project which is an ongoing thing.  Between taking “full spectrum CBD” and regular consumption of curcuma and ginger, the range of motion and even the muscles in my back and hips are improving!  Now, I am not going to try out for the NBA but I can still get around on my own!  Blessings!

Now in all my activities, fun and learning while here, I haven’t seen my ONLY child – Ayanna Lynne – and her son, Caleb Isaac in five years now!  So, I got my second Pfizer shot yesterday and sent the forms required for the national registry through the Costa Rican Ministerio de Salud.  My arm was a little sore. But since the first vaccination about three weeks ago, I have noticed that I expectorate a bit more to get the phlegm out of my scarred lungs, which occurred when I had “walking pneumonia” while I lived and partied … oh yeah, I taught, too … in Cali, Colombia, South America for five years!  So, after Ayanna told me that it might be difficult for her and my grandson to visit me in Ft. Lauderdale, I decided to check flights to New York while I am stateside.  And once again, as the “universe” has shown me over and over, I found affordable flights from Ft. Lauderdale to New York (actually the airport is in Hartford, CT which I learned from my daughter!) and back!  So, I think I am going to saddle up, get the necessary documents (tests, vaccinations, etc.) so I can travel to see my immediate family members …

I kept in mind that all the negative comments of the “naysayers” were not helpful in achieving MY goals and I stayed focused on what I am doing!  You see, when you actually focus on improving yourself, things go better!  I won’t waste my time “slaying dragons” and convincing “haters” that MY life is worth living the way I want to do it.  So far, so good!  I am feeling the most relaxed that I have felt in my entire life … anywhere and everywhere!  And I am not hurting ANYONE and continue to spread the unconditional love that I experienced with my mother first and now I experience the blessings of the universe!

Stay focused on your goals once you have made a few!  I had the chance to attend an incredible wedding last weekend here in Puerto Viejo of two “new” friends who are “leaders” in the growing “ex-pat” community here in Puerto.  And remember, everything that glitters ain’t gold!


John I. Cook, Director

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