In the Name of Friendship . . .

Happy Friday, Y’all!

It’s time for another one … TGIF, then!!  Thanks for joining me in raising some positive vibrations!!

You know, when you are traveling and arrive at a “new place”, we ALL want to make “friends”, if possible.  I think back to some of my most challenging times when “friends” came through to help out … even though there were episodes of failure from my end.  I think of a really wonderful God-powered couple I met at church in Ft. Lauderdale – Karen and Steve … two of the nicest people I have ever met.  Thanks for putting up with me, guys! Here in Costa Rica … Puerto Viejo, to be exact … I’ve made a few “really good friends” … Davia and Greg stand out a bit!  There are others, but Davia took the time to make some splendid photographs of me for my book covers. I had to use them elsewhere since I had to change the book’s format.  Tomorrow, Davia and Greg are getting married … yep, here in Puerto Viejo at a cool resort called Banana Azul!  And guess who is invited?!  Yep, ME!  Again, thanks guys.

One of the most important things for me is to be understood … not by everyone … but by those closest to me.  And that’s a tall order for both parties involved … you know … being close!!  I am looking forward to the wedding because not only was I invited with a bunch of other folks, but it is going to be the “spread of the year”!  These guys really know how to entertain!  Davia is a mother of two girls who look just like her and she is straight out of California.  Davia is also an exceptional business woman … and I’ll leave it at that.  Meanwhile, Greg is an attorney originally out of Miami, if I am not mistaken, and they met here!  How romantic is that!?  It’s an all day thing starting at like 1pm and ending with a shuttle to the “after party of your choice” around 8pm!!  I am attending alone but there will be a bunch of people there to keep me company!!  I am sure that I can make a friend or two more … not to mention salute the happy couple.  I didn’t comment on the menu because I don’t want anyone salivating on the post!!  But I have requested either Red Snapper or Portobello mushroom … I forgot which one I asked for!  It’ll be a great culinary surprise, not to mention all of the other gourmet foods they have for guests.  I think of a room mate I had at Princeton, Randy, who also just got married to a lovely lady … Carol!

Friendships are delicate.  Make them last if you can.  Say “thank you” and “I’m sorry for that” when appropriate.  I open my heart and home to people as I was raised that way by both parents.  They used to invite people over for dinner at our tiny apartment in the Winbrook Apartments after church … and we went almost every Sunday!  I am glad that I did go with them as I learned a lot about spirituality and a “power greater than myself” whom I often call God!  Be good to your friends …  And people, be kind to those who offer you friendship with no strings attached.  Of course, one has to be careful even here.

I have been in a bit of a “tizzy” lately as I am organizing a trip back Stateside for a few weeks around the time of my birthday.  I am looking forward to taking care of some important business with my small sole proprietorship, Educational Excellence, as well as a family “reunion” of sorts with my best friend in Ft. Lauderdale, Johnny Ace and our running partner, Joel Valencia!  If all things go as planned, I may get to see my grandson, Caleb Isaac, whom I haven’t seen in person in five years.  He and his Mom, my daughter Ayanna, are scheduled to meet me in Ft. Lauderdale.  I have been working hard on making the trip a success … and of course, return here to Puerto Viejo … for now.  Remember, “it’s the journey, not the destination”!

A huge thanks to all of the friends who have helped me throughout my life … you know who you are!  I’m trying to make good on your investment in our friendship!

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John I. Cook, Director

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