Something Special … Someone Special …

Happy Friday, All!

Once again, I think we can do a T.G.I.F. together to start things off, so TGIF!  “Thank you very kindly!”  It seems that the world’s leaders have lost the social etiquette necessary for us to “live together peacefully” on this planet.  Money, wealth and obsession with power have taken the driver’s seat in this “suffering” world!  The “followers” of this world have absorbed this character defect and spread it too far and too wide!  That’s why I focus on things like love, peace, happiness … even RESPECT in my pieces!

Yesterday was my Mother’s birthday!  Thanks for your wonderful and uplifting thoughts and comments!  She still is the world for me, my main motivation even!  Last night, I began to see snippits of news videos of a murder two years ago by the Louisiana State Troopers.  If you haven’t seen it yet, pay attention.  Yes, again and a year BEFORE Mr. Floyd’s public assassination by  Derek Chauvin of the Minneapolis Police Department, an unarmed African American male was murdered.  But this time, there was no “video taken by the public” and the one taken by the Louisiana State Troopers was concealed for TWO YEARS!  Mr. Greene had taken the troopers on a high speed chase one night as he traveled from Louisiana to Florida to see his mother …  According to the video which finally surfaced because of someone’s conscience in the trooper’s ranks, he could only say that he “was afraid and sorry” and they were “his brothers”.  The troopers heard none of that!  They were so angry and had lost self control and responsibility for their jobs and became as barbaric as they could be!  Mr. Greene was taken from his car while being tased, pulled onto the ground, punched and kicked incessantly until they could get the handcuffs on, and even dragged by his ankles while handcuffed and face DOWN!!  Who does that?!?  Imagine if I had gotten so upset with a student in my class and done something like that!?!  His Mother who appeared on the news channels said that she couldn’t even watch it completely!  It was truly sadistic!  One of the troopers was recorded as saying, “I beat the ever loving f–k out of him!”

I am so glad that I made it to retirement and intelligent and perhaps was even lucky enough to have avoided such a fate!  Now, trust me, I have been stopped by law enforcement in Florida many times but never allowed myself to panic and run and be dragged from my vehicle.  There have been some close calls but, as one of my motivational talks that focuses on “Driving While Black” suggests, I have always maintained my own self esteem and self respect.  I had one incident in my apartment in Oakland Park, FL when the Broward County Sheriff’s department had come to contain me and I was on the phone.  They didn’t want to wait until I finished my conversation with a family member and had no warrant for my arrest yet.  It got physical and I know that a “guardian angel” was watching over me.  I came out alive.  I am glad that I can celebrate my Mother’s birthday in freedom and alive … pretty much well, too!  “Something special” indeed that I learned to appreciate because of someone special in my life – my Mother.  My heart literally cries for Mr. Greene’s mother who appeared on several news programs …  His mother said that she will miss his endless positivity that he often shared with her.  He was on the way to her house and the troopers told her that he had “died in a car crash that he had with a tree” …  She was heartbroken when two years later, she actually could see what REALLY happened to her son … Peace be still …

There’s nothing more special than love for one another!  What’s so hard to learn about that?!?  We humans have tried everything else and us hippies did a “Woodstock” thing for y’all!  People, especially “public servants”, should employ much more respect, love and understanding in their work!  I know I did it as a teacher …

As I continue my weekend with a “kudos” to my Mother, enjoy your weekends as well!  Feel free to visit: to get your copy either in e-book or paper back.  The book is dedicated to the memory of my Mother … Marietta Dolores Cook … “someone” very special!  Thanks for reading!


John I. Cook, Director

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