A True Love Story . . .

Happy Friday again, Y’all!

We know what we’ve got to do today … like most days … a TGIF might suffice!!  Yeah, Baby!

Well, it’s that time again …  my Mother’s birthday in a few weeks!  May 20th, 1917!!  While I can say that she left this physical realm on November 6th, 2005, she has remained a spiritual pinnacle in my life today.  We always seemed to connect though she did most if not ALL of the unconditional love part with me.  Now, I wasn’t the only recipient of her unfathomable care for fellow human beings as there were many other organizations of which she was a part and still others that she actually led.  She served as president of the PTA (Parent Teachers Association) for several years while I was in elementary school before it – Rochambeau Elementary School – closed down due to anti-segregation interests in the fair City of White Plains!  She was a girl scout troop leader as well as a member of the Flower Club at our home church – Bethel Baptist Church – located there in the Projects.  Should I add here that with no formal post high school education, she cleaned houses for a living for many years in Westchester County, NY for well off clients in Scarsdale and White Plains.  She and her “lady friends” would often cater dinner parties for some of the same clients whose homes she cleaned.  Oh yeah, she was my mother as well as a mother to three others of her off-spring … and a wonderful wife for my Father – Isaac Henry Cook.

I have been able to overcome several situations with her help before the dreaded Alzheimer’s Disease set in to make her life more confusing for her.  It sent me for a loop, too, when I finally realized how much she and others struggled through the memory portions of their lives … Peace be still!  As most of the readers of my work know, the third book in the series of “Cook Books” entitled “Cooking With Life!: Cook Book III”, is dedicated to the memory of my Mother – Marietta Dolores.  She and my Dad were both there when I needed them … when I graduated from St. Paul’s School in 1972; and then again at Princeton University in 1976.  She, too, taught me how “to go high when they go low”, a la Michelle Obama!

Thanks for reading and enjoy your weekends!  There’s more brewing up right now in my life but I fill you in later!


John I. Cook, Director

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