“What Does It ALL Mean?!?”

Happy Friday, Y’all! 

And as usual, I am sending out a huge fist bump in the form of a “TGIF” of your choosing!  Remember, either “Thank God It’s Friday!” or “Thank Goodness I’m Friendly!” … or come up with one of your own … or NOT!  That’s me so … TGIF!

I am always grateful for readers of these e-mails which I  magically turn in to “blog posts” every Friday so far.  Some may ask, as I do from time to time just to stay on point with my vision, “So why do you do these writings and what do you hope to accomplish?”  The answer can be as simple as you like or as complicated as you’d like to make it.  I’ll keep it simple … I like people to know that there are perhaps “others” out there like “them” or “me” or “you” or anyone else that may feel defeated by life’s circumstances which we often invite or allow.  So, I offer my anecdotes often based on my own personal experiences … both good and not so good … as an example of how one might overcome challenging circumstances.  Sometimes, we have to look inside of ourselves for the courage, fortitude, self respect and self confidence, which are not always “available” due to the circumstances, when the external “life lines” are not available.  I jokingly tell myself sometimes “We shall overcome!” or “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference!” … just keep it simple stupid!!  Needless to say, it’s not that easy!  I can tell you that I’ve made MYSELF scared straight enough to want to prevent ANY unnecessary drama.  It takes confidence, which one has to build by being “successful” at things like sports or music … singing or dancing …  maybe even academic excellence and interests!!  Who knows!!?  Think outside the box.  Train yourself, even!

So, it all means that I care enough to write about things that matter to me … that I see in the world today.  I think I have a talent of caring and loving enough and writing it down to capture someone’s attention and help them “along their way”!  Of course, it can be a kind of symbiotic relationship with most people as we “feed off of each other’s goodness” while hopefully not being parasitic!  There were times when I thought long and hard, meditated even … got acupuncture treatments … ate different foods, incorporated stuff like turmeric in my diet.  I have dabbled in many aspects of a healthy life style with a focus on wellness.  Yoga gives me some discipline while aiding my circulation of both air and blood.  You’ve heard of probiotics, and surely you know the anti-aging properties of ginseng … good stuff, I think  Now, please keep in mind that you are free to think that I am “full of malarkey”, which is cool.  I am just offering alternate ways of viewing things that we all share in common.  And please, just so you know, I don’t entertain conspiracy theories ‘round here unless you’ve got proof.  And, as you are free to disagree with me, I will feel free to disagree with you!!  Hopefully we can agree on two things … Peace and Respect … for each other, for the world we live in, and for our “sisters and brothers”!


John I. Cook, Director

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