Say His Name: “George Floyd”!

Yes, Yes, Y’all!  It’s Friday again!!  We got more rain last night and this morning out here in the Tropics!  So, TGIF with me then ’cause “Baby, some rain MUST fall!”  Do it right quick, “TGIF”!

Well, I am definitely glad that this “pot of grease” didn’t have to explode on “the streets of America …”.  Imagine #45 calling LeBron James a racist because of ONE tweet, which he later removed, cautioning people of color to be aware.  LeBron admitted his rash judgement (can you blame him!) while professional moron #45 has never admitted he’s wrong about anything!!  Here’s a “moron” who was sued by AND PAID the Federal government for racist rental practices!  This “cockroach” is still preaching that he is president!!!  The racist monster, as is clearly seen on his face in the 9 minute plus video filmed by a 17 year old girl of color, kneeled on the neck of a grown African American man handcuffed behind his back laying on the filthy street while urinating on himself and calling for his “Momma” …. has been found GUILTY on ALL counts for murdering Mr. Floyd!  Yaay!  We need to get the soul of America back, if possible, and keep the “hate spreaders” on notice!!  At least we know this one cop will be off the streets for good.

We all know what a hypocrite looks and sounds like.  In our daily “adventures”, be sure to “raise the bar” in your interactions with fellow humans.  It’s the low, desperate reactions in situations, especially regarding race and gender, that has led to the decline of RESPECT for human dignity!!  Would you want YOUR friend or family member to be “put to death” on the street over a questionable counterfeit financial transaction by a person hired to “protect and serve” its citizens?!  Don’t lie to me!!!

As I often suggest in my writing, we CAN be better than this … America, once leader of the “free world”.  We humans can do this but we have to WORK together … not FIGHT each other over every little childish thing!  Thanks for reading!


John I. Cook, Director

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