Good Day All, and a Happy Friday!  Yep, that’s what I said!  So, hit the Universe with a TGIF!  BOOM!

Yeah, I’m up early after a great day yesterday, nothing special, but no serious problems!  As far as the character who refuses to return the $500.00 security deposit I had paid him with a receipt and all, he’s still “holding” on to it …   On Monday, I visited the “OIJ” here – Organismo de Investigacion Judicial – near Puerto Viejo in Hone Creek.  When I got to speak with a representative, she first said that the “contract” was done improperly … no witnesses or notarization … not to mention the content and structure.  I kind of knew from having signed rental agreements in the States, but simply tried to have a document to protect myself.  Cut to the chase – I would need to hire a “civil attorney” for like $500.00 to represent me in “civil court” in the municipality of Limon, Costa Rica, with NO guarantee.  Of course, I let the “folks” here know via social media about the developments.  Not that I need ANYONE’S opinion regarding my measly $500.00 but there were a few “envious” nuts in “the peanut gallery” who questioned my judgment.  Most tenants whose landlords “confiscated” or kept their deposits have resigned themselves to accepting their loss.  For me, it’s the FIRST time and I am NOT getting use to it!!  I am going out verbally “swinging” and with a fury!!  I just paid $400.00 deposit for an $850.00 place, so …  That’s me!!

On the other hand, I’ve decided to “pick up my shingle” for Educational Excellence and go Stateside for my birthday, July 13th. I’m working on going to Ft. Lauderdale first (maybe my “relief” check is there!) to check my mailbox and order some of my new paperback books.  My only “offspring”, Ayanna Lynne, said that we could all meet up, grandson included, in Florida somewhere!  Either way – hotel room and/or “friends” places – I should be able to see them again!  Can you say “Happy Feelings”?!?

So, “Cooking With Life!” is out via Amazon and Kindle!  I wanted to make my “Momma” proud by completing and dedicating the book in her memory!  Besides, she was there at “The African American Research Library and Cultural Center” in Ft. Lauderdale where I did my first book signing for my first manuscript entitled, “From the Projects to Princeton”.  It is true that we ALL have a story … I just choose to “tell” mine, truth included.

Thanks for reading and keeping me in your “positive vibrations” and thoughts!


John I. Cook, Director

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