“Believe It … Or NOT!”

Happy Friday, Again “Mi Gente”!

So, I’m going to do my usual greeting, “TGIF!”  Do yours at your own pace … or NOT!!

First of all, I want to thank those of you who purchased a copy of “Cooking With Life!”: Cookbook III.  It is truly an honor to STILL be here to tell my story!  Thank ALL you good people!  Remember, for me, it’s not about the money only, but “the message”.

I’ve become a bit more selective in making friends nowadays ‘cause some folks … often the closest … can’t be trusted!  If you let some folks get too close, they often break out in “jealousy”, especially if they can’t compare!  Why should ANYbody be comparing stuff?!?  I try to share!! These folks are desperate for ways to get “the upper hand” because they feel so small, insignificant and powerless.  Destructive behavior usually follows!!  “Look OUT!”

Completing my manuscript and getting it into print is the MAIN reason that I stopped in “Puerto”.  I had to write a little here and a little there but got most of it done over the nearly two years that I spent at “Caribbean” Miss Ana’s house with the extra bedroom upstairs!  There is something about “space” in a “home” and the freedom to walk around in it … naked, if you want … that makes the place “home”!!  Imagine living in a tiny box of a studio with a “peeping Tom” property manager!!  Not too cozy, I felt boxed in … VIOLATED even … and definitely NO PRIVACY!  Where I am now is like the difference between night and day!!  After getting a FULL refund through Bank of America from “iUniverse” and finding out from my old school mate that I can self-publish with Amazon/Kindle nearly for free, I got to work on the manuscript in the “new” place.  After 2 weeks, I completed the tasks online to publish the e-book.  Two weeks later, I submitted a request to publish the paperback.  That’s why I need a nice place to live in and write.  “Drama FREE Zone”!

Some folks like to tell “tall tales” as my Mother used to call a “liar”!  My Dad, “Big Ike”, on the other hand, had no interest in lies or liars!!  To this day, I give ” Big Ike” credit for instilling in me the value of “truth telling”.  After all, how is a friendship, a family … even a so-called “nation state” supposed to be built on and survive on lies?!  In fact, it won’t … look at the USA today as its so-called “leaders” specialize in spinning LIES!  Don’t get me wrong now, Vladimir Putin and the Chinese government’s leader  – Xi – ONLY tell LIES!  The former president of the States was trying to take the USA  down the “rabbit hole” of lies that he likes to spin!  Now there is a Congress and a country divided on “the BIG Lie” about the election for president!  I, like my Father, don’t deal with liars as they attempt to “spin” you into “their” reality – “believe it … or NOT”!

Have a great day, a groovy Easter season and I hope youse had a peaceful Passover!  I love you guys.  Thanks for reading!


John I. Cook, Director

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