You Don’t Have to be Perfect to be Good!

And now that you don't have to be perfect, you can be good.”— John  Steinbeck | Jo Glo

Happy Friday, Y’all!  Dang, we got here again! So, TGIF!!

Life is quite interesting as we each try to choose our course of action when faced with a challenge.  First, I try to decide if I can live with MYSELF after taking a decisive action.  I ask myself, “Is this who I really am?”  “Am I and my ‘loved ones’ proud of my actions?”  Keep in mind, some folks don’t have “loved ones” … like I do … so they make stupid decisions and take even worse actions!  I always “say” this … “Be the BEST that you can be!”  I also strongly suggest as does EE, “Be yourself because you are YOU!”  Now I have been “blessed” to be a “role model” for so many people.  How do I know?!?  They TELL me!  I love that!!

If you recall a few messages and blog posts back, I had moved from where I was living because I refused to pay money to a “property manager” who not ONLY tries to look into my bedroom, but is also jealous of ME!  Each time I had someone visit me, this “grimy-assed” mofo would come up to the dwelling that I paid for and “pretend” he knows the person!  (Once, I was having a massage done and he wanted to WATCH!!)   He also showed his jealousy when I told him that I was getting some dental work done!  His comment was, “Oh, I was doing that, too, but I ran out of money!”  When people tell you who they are … believe them!  This “character” was telling me who he “is” … and I tried to help until I sensed some “sexual interest”.  When I asked about this “character” – Augusto Polo – one of my friends said, “Oh, he’s gay!”  I don’t mind!  But respect ME!  Yesterday, I went to talk with a “local attorney” who not only knows this “character”, but had been propositioned by the “character” to help him set up some “bs business”!  Clearly, the character is struggling with multiple issues … like most of us!!  I actually paid this “moron” the rent EARLY a few times, trying to help his stupid ass!!  Then like most parasites do, he tried to burrow into MY LIFE since he saw how “well” I took care of myself through the resources provided me by “the universe”.  He had/has no such resources, so he “helped himself” to mine!!  The character told the attorney: “I won’t return the security because he (me … John I. Cook) broke the lease.”  Imagine that!!  A sexual pervert claiming that “I” broke the lease after asking me to leave the NEXT month so he could get another month’s rent before NOT returning the “security deposit” which he clearly doesn’t have!!  What a “monster”!!

Now, I am NOT perfect and I am far from it! But, at this stage of the game, I like who I’ve become and I am NOT lowering my frequency to catch more problems than blessings! I don’t need to get involved in a “downward spiral” after the “universe” and my Creator whom I choose to call “God”, have “lifted” me so high!! I will let the forces of “good” conquer the less competent forces of “morons” and their evil!

Have a great day … and remember … “You don’t have to be perfect to be good!”


John I. Cook, Director

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