Miracles DO Happen!! Believe!!

Happy Friday, Y’all!

You already know my drill this time of the week … TGIF with me unless you’ve got something “bigger than life itself” to complain about!  I know you don’t, so … TGIF, then!

Needless to say, I am on another frequency this week.  Do you readers remember last month or so how disappointed I was about getting a FULL refund for the “non-services” of the previous publishing company?  Then you probably remember the challenges I had with my living situation and the “peeping Tom” character of a property manager that I had been paying while he showed the lowest class that I’ve seen in a person in a long time?!  Well, it seems that … “POOF!” … just like that, they BOTH have been resolved!!  Now, I am living near the top of “Tucan Road” in a really cozy two-bedroom “log cabin” house.  And now, the book that I came “here” to write, though I didn’t know where “here” was going to be as I traveled places seeking a peaceful abode to retire and finish my third book dedicated to my Mother – Marietta Dolores Cook, is LIVE on Kindle!  So, in case you thought “you” could hamper, deter, or stop my efforts, you’ve got another thought coming!  It’s amazing how many people DO NOT want to see “you” succeed!  Well, get in line “chumps”, there are a lot of people still wondering how “I” do it!!  It’s not me … I am “no body” … I have transcended “me” or the great “I” that many of us think we are!  “I” am a part of the “universe” better known as “we” kindred spirits!  Enlightened thinking …

Now, when have you ever heard of someone NOT liking “love” or “goodness”; or NOT like someone who advocates “love”, peace, and harmony?  Unfortunately, there are “bodies” like that!!  These people are so “unfamiliar” with true “love” (not sex!), real peace, and their own happiness that whenever they see “it”, they doubt and cringe at “it” and look for ways to mess things up!  I remember in Alcoholics Anonymous we learned to “Let go and let God” (Good Orderly Direction) when “things” seemed unbearable … out of control, even!  I go back to that “lesson” whenever my fledgling ego wants to “ease God out”!  Sounds simple, right?!  It’s then that you discover “who” you are – No Body!!  Just get “back to basics” with humanity and acknowledge that “we” are ALL more alike than we are different.  It’s just that intellectualizing “this” concept doesn’t work.  It must be viewed through spiritual lenses.  THIS is enlightened thinking when we go beyond the physical as one does in meditation!  This is the type of thinking that frightens people who need their physical props to “illustrate” who they want you to think they are!  Back in my “hippy” days, we called that “mind games”!  Some “folks” … and I use that term loosely … actually thrive on those “mind games” and become EXTREMELY susceptible to “disinformation” commonly called “lies”.  Are you one of those “creatures”?!?  Check yourself, ’cause if you come around me with “unenlightened thinking”, I will be looking for a way to help “you” … or depart from “your” negative-energized presence!!  

In closing, I would like to thank the readers who somewhat understand where I am coming from as well as the many many people (close to 500 now!) who commented on the “release” of “Cooking With Life!”.  Tomorrow, I have a video call planned with my old schoolmate, Larry T. Woody, so I can continue editing the e-book to achieve the desired results – a comfortable reading experience!


John I. Cook, Director

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