“Stay the Course, Young Buck!”

Yeah, yeah, yeah … TGIF again, y’all!  I am feeling exceptional so I’ve got this TGIF for us, okay! TGIF!!

“Some days I feel like a nut … some days I am a nut!”  No shame in my game ’cause I NEVER try to hurt anyone just because I can.  I just don’t! I’m not wired that way, thank God!  I enjoy more blessings that way!!  It was hard for me to understand and almost harder to accept!  Yet, I know that I am a “good” person so I am always functioning from a “high self-esteem” frequency, always looking to “be charitable” and caring!  I “trust” that relationship that I have with “the cosmos” or “the universe” or God … whatever works for you!  When I “stay the course” … even if I hit some rough “waters”, it ALWAYS works out!

A couple of examples follow, the first one “The iUniverse Scandal” where these publishing company people tried to “confiscate” $1,500.00 from me!  I was all worked up … ready to take a flight to their corporate office in the States.  Of course, it wouldn’t have worked out, so I continued to call the Bank of America “claims department” like a “girlfriend”!  That means I hit them up sometimes twice a week for three months.  They were professional and promised to stay on the “case”!  I was requesting a FULL refund while iUniverse’s accountant offered all except $400.00!!  The cancellation policy, which I was within, requires one to cancel services within 90 days for a refund minus $150.00!!  So, Bank of America sweated them out and came to the same conclusion that I did – unprofessional, dishonest, disrespectful thieves … all four of them that I had contact with!!  Thanks, “bank”!

Of course, the most recent example that I can provide of the “follow the universe/stay the course” attitude yielding good results involves my living situation!  I really wasn’t sure how to handle the former “creepy” property manager other than to call him out on his “sh@t” hard EACH and EVERY TIME … if that’s what it would take.  I knew he couldn’t handle it and was hoping to just leave since he said he wouldn’t renew my 3-month lease in April via a hand-delivered letter because “it wasn’t working out”! WTF!!  So, when I tried to address him he walked away from me, his tenant who was paying $500.00/month saying that he doesn’t have to talk to me!!  So, as he continued walking away, I asked if he was going to return my $500.00 security deposit to me.  He responded, not even looking back to address me in a most disrespectful insincere manner, “Sure!”, he said.  I was like “BITCH”!  And that was the last word I promised myself that I would say to this ungrateful phony!  There would be NO more payments to this grimy character either.  The “universe” kicked in.  I found three different places and I had several friends promise to help me move … which they did.  I selected the best and most expensive of the three!  “Stayin’ the course” worked out again.

A couple of weeks ago, I reached out to an old boarding school brother from Baltimore, Larry T. Woody, author of “In Black In White”.  Me and Woody were roommates our senior year at SPS with Robert Aurelius Hipp, another brother from “The Projects” … same apartment building as me … “They say them cats Hipp, Woody, and Cook are some bad mother … SHUT yo’ mouth!”  Me, Woody and Hipp (RIP) played varsity basketball at St. Paul’s School (NH), ran track and cross country together … ‘nough said.  So, “Woody” self-published HIS book with Amazon/Kindle (KDP) and provided me with his knowledge and encouragement!  Thanks, Man!

Now, with a “new” spot to write from, to heal from, and to just enjoy my life from, I am feeling like the “universe” had been guiding me all the time.  I just have to “stay the course”!  YOU can do it, too!


John I. Cook, Director

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